The Evolving Landscape of Disposable Vapes: Trends, Impact, Insights

Explore the rising trend of disposable vapes, their impact on vaping culture, and all the insights into this part of the vaping world. We discuss the convenience, wild flavors, and how disposables are changing the dynamics of vaping.
Money with Titan 2 Dry Herb Vape

Why Are Most Dry Herb Vapes Less Expensive?

Here we will be drawing a few short comparisons to highlight the differences between certain vape models and the (in)justification behind their price tags. We will be taking a closer look at why less is more, and why it would be a wiser investment to at least start off with a dry herb vaporizer.

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How Many Dry Herb Vapes Should I Own?

Here we will be exploring the practical side of possibly owning more than one dry herb vaporizer, and other reasons why some people would only be better off with just one. There will be brief comparisons between some models of dry herb vapes and their functions, as well as some of their perks.

Graphics Showing People Sharing Vapes

Is It OK To Share My Dry Herb Vape?

Here we will be taking a close look at the many disadvantages associated with sharing any type of vaping unit with anyone, especially being right in the middle of a global pandemic. We will also be looking at other reasons why one would wish to keep their vaping activities to themselves, regardless of COVID-19.

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Where Are The Best Places To Use a Dry Herb Vape?

This article will be focusing on the most ideal places to have a vape session. We will be taking a close look at why these locations are ideal, and why people would want to conduct a vape session at these locations. We will also be looking at some of the places that are not fit to have a vape session.

Two DarkSide Vaporizers VS. A Desktop Vaporizer

Why Dry Herb Vape Pens Are Better Than Desktop Vaporizers

It is no secret that desktop vaporizers are bigger, stronger, and boast a longer endurance when it comes to vape session duration. This however does not equate to being better than a portable vape. In fact, it is more like a double-edged sword in that it is what holds desktop vapes back from being number one.

Clock with Dry Herb Vapes

When is the Right Time to Use a Dry Herb Vape?

In this article we will be looking at the most convenient instances to take advantage of using a dry herb vaporizer, and other times it may or may not be appropriate to do so. We will have a better understanding of this issue by looking closely at the reasons why people wish to use their vaporizers.

Man with vapor coming from mouth - title says Benefits of Vaping?

How Can a Dry Herb Vaporizer Benefit Me

This article highlights the many ways a dry herb vape can be a useful tool in managing ailments and other problematic issues. The main theme here is to explain to the reader that everyone can benefit from owning a vape regardless of whether or not they suffer from any illness, and why the community supports them.

DarkSide Vapes E-Clipse Vaporizer with dry herb

Are Dry Herb Vapes As Efficient As Other Vapes

This article discusses the inherently light nature of vapor produced by a dry herb vape in comparison to other vapes on the market, such as wax and oil vapes. We will be looking at the differences while focusing on the unique nature of dry herb vapes, possibly being even better than wax or oil vapes.


Dry Herb Vaporizer with BENEFITS in blocks

What Are The Health Benefits of Using a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

In this article I will be discussing the many ways that a dry herb vaporizer can benefit almost anybody who uses one. The target demographic that benefits the most from a dry herb vaporizer are those with medical needs, and this will be highlighted in order to bring awareness to their usefulness in medicine.

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Combustion Vaping vs Convection Vaping

There are so many different vaporizers on the market, it can be hard to even know where to start when searching for a new vape. Those that still like to enjoy dry herbs in their original state opt for dry herb vapes. The biggest difference among dry herb vaporizers is whether they use combustion or convection to heat the herbs. Here we will break down how vaporizers work and the differences between them so you can find the perfect vaporizer.

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Best Vape Temperature For Dry Herbs, Wax, and Oil

The setting of your temperature is paramount when it comes to the function of your vaporizer, and the type of session you are going to have. A particular heat setting will determine whether you will have a strong vapor cloud production, or a light vapor wisp. All vaporizers are designed to heat up some sort of chamber, also known as coils, cartridges, and atomizers. It depends on the type of vape you have, the quality of your materials, and the temperature setting. Here we will be exploring the different aspects of finding and maintaining the perfect temperature setting for your type of vape.

Darkside Vapes:  Titan 2 and E-clipse

Dry Herb Vapes that Produce Smoke Instead of Vapors

When it comes to shopping for a dry herb vape, there are a few things you should take into account. One of the biggest factors to consider is whether you want a device that will create vapor or one that will create smoke. Both have their perks and the one you choose will ultimately come down to your needs and preferences. In this article, you will learn about dry herb vapes that produce smoke instead of vapor.

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What is a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

One of the most popular vaping modalities is the dry herb vaping style, perfect for beginners and seasoned pros alike who are looking to get the most from their favorite whole dry herbs. Dry herb vaporizers are a unique way of consuming your material, instead of burning up your herbs and creating smoke. These portable vapes use an oven-like chamber to bake the goodness right off your herbs. This article breaks down exactly what a dry herb vaporizer is, and what it can do for you.

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How to Store and Handle Dry Herbs?

Dry Herbs have a lower level of water content to prevent spoiling as well as to making it easier to smoke or vape them. As such, it is probably best to make sure that they stay that way – dry, that is. Just remember, however, that leaving herb moist or wet or improperly stored otherwise will not make it tastier to smoke or vape and can certainly ruin the experience altogether. As such, learning some of the ‘best practices’ for storing herb is the best way to avoid any problems and make sure that all the handy tips are available at your fingertips.

Different types of vaporizers

What Are Different Types Of Vapes?

With so many different styles to choose from, it is only a matter of time before vapes came to be known as unique, versatile, and truly convenient when it came down to being able to enjoy your favorite dry herb, wax, or oil concentrates. Despite any similarities, no two styles of vapes will function the same when considering the habits of routine maintenance, vape session length, and quality of the materials being vaped. While there are so many different types of vapes, we break down the most important points for you here.

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How to Fix a Vaporizer

With so many different vaporizers on the market ranging from dry herbs and wax to oil and box mod vapes, fixing a particular vape may depend upon the type of vape being used, and even more specifically, the exact model or brand in question. Below is a quick and direct breakdown of how to address these issues.

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Are Dry Herb Vaporizers Worth It?

High-quality dry herb vaporizers can be costly and you may be wondering if it is a worthwhile investment and how much you should spend on a dry herb vape. Dry herb vapes can be an excellent alternative to smoking dry herbs for many reasons. There is no doubt that dry herb vapes can be very convenient and many models are easy to use. In this article, we highlight the top five reasons why dry herb vapes are worth the investment.

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How Much Is A Vape Pen?

Vaporizers are extraordinarily popular and have quickly become one of the most common ways to enjoy dry herb. As such, there is a wide variety of vaporizers on the market even within each major category of vape pen – dry herb, wax, or oil. This means that someone could easily walk into any store or find any website and can purchase a vape pen from anywhere between $20 and $200. Read this article to learn about how much a vape pen is.

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Can You Put Vape Juice in a Dry Herb Vape?

Most dry herb vapes heat plant matter in a chamber. These chambers are specially designed for hot airflow and vapor creation. Using a liquid in one of these unique chambers leads to several issues. We put together this article to explain what happens if you put vape juice in a dry herb vape and to provide some tips for using vape juice in a dry herb vape.

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Vaping Dry Herbs vs Smoking Dry Herbs

While smoking still remains popular today, the risks outweigh any benefits offered by the use of combustion, from chemical use in butane lighters to carcinogenic substances. Here we will be taking a closer look at the benefits of vaping and how you can get the most out of your dry herb vape sessions.

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Does Vaping Dry Herbs Smell?

Vaping is a growing phenomenon for a reason. Vapes are a much healthier alternative to classic smoking methods. They have lots of other benefits too. Vapes are made to be small and discreet, so they can be used almost anywhere. Vapor is less thick than smoke, so it dissipates more quickly. Read this article to learn about how much vaping dry herb smells.

E-Clipse vape with colorful vape smoke

What is Vapor?

Vapor is defined as the volatile compounds known as terpenes and/or oils that are released from dry herbs, wax, e-liquids, and oil concentrates as heat passes through them without burning them. These collect into what we see as vapors. Read here to learn more about what vapor is.

dry herb vaporizer with dried marijuana

What Happens When You Vaporize Dry Herbs?

Vaping dry herb is a great experience. 20 years ago, the only real way to consume dry herbs was to smoke them. Recently, people decided to go out on a limb and try vaporizing dry herbs. It is not only tastier, but more convenient, and extremely discreet. There are also health benefits associated with vapor that one doesn’t get with smoking. Read this article to learn about what happens when you vape dry herbs.

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How to Maximize Vapor in a Dry Herb Vaporizer

When it comes to getting the most out of your vaporizer, we know that having the right tools for the job is paramount to having the best experience possible in a vape session. Having a vaporizer that can accommodate your own tastes and preferences while delivering the strongest hits is what we are all about. Here we will be exploring how to maximize both vapor and airflow in a dry herb vaporizer. Knowing these essentials will not only provide you with the knowledge you may not have known before but will also fill you in with experience from those who have been vaping for a very, very long time.

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Do Dry Herb Vaporizers Produce Smoke

There are two kinds of dry herb vaporizers available on the market – convection and combustion vaporizers. While these two might sound extremely similar – and to be clear they are not extremely far apart – the combustion will produce smoke and the convection will produce vapor. Make sure to pay attention to the type of vaporizer that is being offered and to ask if it is combustion or convection. Read this article to become an expert on the subject.

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What is the Point of a Vape?

By now, you have probably seen vapes used somewhere, be it by a friend or even in a public space. It is also pretty common to see retail stores that cater to vaping only (and you regularly see them at gas stations, too!) However, if you are new to the idea of vaping, you may have several questions, including what is the point of a vape at all? Read this article and we will get that question answered!

E-Clipse and Titan 2 Dry Herb Vapes

How To Use A Dry Herb Vaporizer

We have compiled an easy guide for you to reference anytime you need a little how-to on one of the most popular vaping modalities out there, the dry herb vaporizer. Making the most of an herbal vaping session without sacrificing on material the way traditional pipes do is how the dry herb vape pen remains one of the best options for those seeking portability. Here we can look at some of the most well-known and popular go-to dry herb vaporizers on the market to see what makes them so coveted by users around the world.