Dry Herb Vapes that Produce Smoke Instead of Vapors

August 10, 2020

Darkside Vapes:  Titan 2 and E-clipse

Combustion vs Convection Dry Herb Vaporizers

When it comes to shopping for a dry herb vape, there are a few things you should take into account. One of the biggest factors to consider is whether you want a device that will create vapor or one that will create smoke. Both have their perks and the one you choose will ultimately come down to your needs and preferences.

A combustion vaporizer is a great tool to use if you do not mind inhaling smoke. The combustion process burns your dry herb, turning it to ash and creating smoke. A convection vape heats your herb in a much more gentle fashion, releasing vapor that contains the contents of your dried herbs. Vaping rather than smoking is healthier since smoke of any kind can be harsh and bad for the lungs.

Smoke vs Vapor

One of the things that can be confusing on your journey to finding the best dry herb vaporizer for you is the difference between smoke and vapor. If you are an old school smoker and are used to smoking hand-rolled spliffs or out of your trusty glass pipe, branching out and expanding your horizons can come with some questions.

Smoke is created when the heating element comes directly into contact with your dry herbs. Smoke is preferred by some because combustion is a fast process, but the downside is that it is not the best for your throat and lungs. Smoking is also less discreet, as burning your herb results in a more pungent aroma.

Vapor is a better option for those that have any respiratory issues that can be aggravated by smoke. Creating vapor is a slower process, as the herb is slowly heated by really hot air. Essentially, the process is similar to baking since the heat is blasted onto your herbal blend. Because of the gentleness of convection, you can truly enjoy the flavor of the plant and the terpenes that are released by the vaporization process.

What is a Dry Herb Combustion Vape?

As mentioned above, a dry herb combustion vape burns the herb you pack in the chamber, creating smoke. There are a few smoke-producing models available that you can choose from. The E-CLIPSE, the Titan 1, Titan 2, and the AGO Vaporizer were all made with the herbal connoisseur in mind. Like with all herb vapes, you load up the bowl or chamber and then hit the fire button. The exposed coil heats up while touching the herb and burns it, creating smoke.

Why Use a Dry Herb Combustion Vape?

If you are the kind of person that always has a little bit of smoke on them so you are ready to hit your bowl or match with a friend at a moment’s notice, an herbal combustion vape would be a smart investment. Having the ability to take a hit or two with the touch of a button makes smoking on the go easier and more convenient. Vaporizers are also much more discreet since, at a glance, nobody can tell what is in your vape. In addition to the practicality and portability, vaporizers are pretty cool. These high-tech smoking devices are super popular all over the globe. Just a quick search of vape tricks online can bring thousands of hits right to your phone.

Advantages of a Combustion Vape vs Traditional Smoking Methods

1. No Lighter Needed

One of the best things about taking a vape on your next hike rather than a bowl is that you will not need to worry that you will forget your lighter. Another perk is that windy conditions do not impact your ability to burn one with your friends or spouse. Just hit the fire button and your gadget will take care of the burning for you.

2. More Discreet

Discretion is important when smoking on the go. Vapes are a more covert way to enjoy your herb in less hidden areas. You can take a quick hit without the obvious look of hitting a bowl since dry herb vapes are easy to play off as an e-cig.

3. Pre-Packed Chambers

Before you head out for the day, you can preload the chamber, allowing you to hit your vape whenever you are ready to. No prep work needed while you are out and about.

4. Easy To Use

Using a vape is as simple as charging it, loading the chamber, and pressing the fire button. You can adjust the settings to your preferred temperature or you can go with a model that has a predetermined operating temp.

5. Fun to Share

With vapes gaining popularity by the day, passing around your portable vaporizer while you are out with friends or meeting some new people can be a fun way to impress your newfound friends.

6. Reusable

Overall, vapes are a long-lasting tool you can use to smoke for years to come. The coils do need to be replaced every so often but your vape should last a long time.

7. Versatile

A detail many people are unaware of is that in most cases you can easily convert your combustion vape into a convection vape, allowing you to truly taste the flavor of your dry herbs.

AGO Dry Herb Vaporizer vs E-CLIPSE Vaporizer

If you are looking for a small vape that you can stick in your pocket or toss in your purse, both the AGO Dry Herb Vaporizer and the E-CLIPSE Vaporizers are fantastic options for the smoker on the go. For traveling tokers, a small and simple to operate vape is a great investment. The E-CLIPSE is a great option for those that want a more discreet way to vape when out and about. This is one of the smallest convection vapes you can find. You are just moments away from a nice, cool hit that is packed with flavor and terpenes.

For a low-profile combustion vape, the AGO Vaporizer would be a worthy investment. This pen-shaped vape can be used for both dry herb and wax. The versatility and convenience of this device make it a great deal on its own but when you add in the LCD screen that has a battery meter as well as a puff count, there is no way you will not love this vape. From your backyard to the mountains, this combustion vape would be a great tool to have on hand.

Should I buy a Combustion Vape or Convection Vape?

When it comes down to deciding if you want to go with a convection vape or a combustion vape, you have to ask yourself which seems like the right choice for you. If you are struggling to choose and could see yourself using both styles, you can always go with a model that can be used for both convection and combustion. Keep in mind that a convection vape is a smart choice for anyone that needs to keep their herbal ingestions gentle on their throat and lungs.

Where to Buy Combustion Vapes?

One of the best things about vapes is that they are popular enough that you should have no problem finding the perfect one for you. If you prefer to shop locally and hit the small smoke shops in your town or towns nearby, check out local vape shops and smoke shops. You should be able to find a decent selection of options. For those that live in rural areas or that just want a wider range of options, you can look around online and find just about anything you could ever want. In fact, right here at darksidevapes.com, you can find several different models, from combustion vapes to convection vapes and even convertible models that can be used either way for both dry herbs and concentrates.

Written By: Alexandra F.

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