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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Vape

There are so many questions new users ask about vaporizers before they make a purchase. Below are answers to the most common questions asked about each vaporizer product category.

Dry Herb Vaporizer FAQs

1. How Do Dry Herb Vaporizers Work?

Dry herb vapes work by heating herb using battery power. Depending on the type of dry herb vaporizer, the herb is either combusted via contact with a hot heating element or it is vaporized using extremely hot air. These processes are called combustion and convection, respectively. Both types work best when the dry herb pen isn’t packed too tightly so that there is a smooth, even heat. The power comes from the battery located in the bottom portion of the vape pen. The mouthpiece, at the top, is used to inhale vapor.

2. What is a ‘true’ vaporizer?

Generally, a ‘true’ vaporizer is one that creates vapor and not smoke. There is only one type of vape that even has this distinguished category – dry herb vape pens. Dry herb vape pens can either come in the form of a combustion (smoke) or convection (vapor) heating system. Combustion actually burns the herb, convection superheats it with hot air (like an oven). Otherwise, wax vape pens or oil vape pens tend to all be ‘true’ vapes because they do not produce smoke and only vapor. Most dry herb vape pens use convection and therefore are ‘true’ vapes.

3. Are Dry Herb Vaporizers Safe ?

Vapes are only as safe as the level of care they are given. A well-maintained vape is not in danger of overheating or breaking down. That being said, vapes should certainly be handled with care. While much safer and easier to use than a rig or bong, a vape should probably not be left in heat for too long just like a cell phone. Moreover, try to keep them out of the cold as well. Overall, avoid poor quality knock-off vapes and stick with trusted brands and merchants to avoid any potential issues.

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Titan 1 Dry Herb Vaporizer FAQ

1. How to use a Titan 1 vape?

First, make sure that you have a charged battery. Next, unscrew the mouthpiece. Inside, there should be a filter in the heating chamber. Make sure that the filter itself is clean and there are no leftover bits of herb. Finally, fill the heating chamber with the dry herb and close it tight. Next, click the vape button five times quickly to turn on the vape. Hold for three seconds at a time to switch between high, medium, and low heat settings. When at the proper temperature, the vape button will glow green. To turn it off, simply repeat the five clicks quickly.

2. Is the Titan 1 a combustion or convection vaporizer?

The Titan 1 and Titan 2 are both convection vaporizers. Sometimes people like to refer to this type of heating as ‘oven-style’. This is because most conventional kitchen ovens operate a convection heating system. A convection heating system relies on the distribution of hot air to be able to heat things up quickly. This is the opposite of combustion – where the dry herb itself would be burned. Instead, with convection, the herb can be vaporized without producing any smoke (unlike combustion which does produce some smoke). Overall, convection tends to be favored because it is not smokey and tastes better.

Titan 2 Dry Herb Vaporizer FAQs

1. What is the Safest Dry Herb Vaporizer?

There is not really a single, best answer for this question. The reason is because safety can take so many different forms and considerations. All dry herb vapes are fairly safe in that they are not going to blow up, burn, or otherwise meltdown with the proper care and maintenance needed for anything that uses a powerful battery (like toys, flashlights, power tools, etc.).  That said, a Titan 2 has one advantage over some other types of vaporizers and that is that it uses convection, instead of combustion, to vaporize – not burn - dry herb.

2. How long does the Titan 2 take to charge?

The Titan 2 does have a charge time that is a bit on the longer end of the spectrum – 3-5 hours depending on the amount of charge needed.  This is because the Titan 2 has a powerful battery with a good endurance that will allow someone to use it longer than some other competing brands. In addition, this powerful battery makes it so that it only takes anywhere from 45 to 90 seconds for the Titan 2 to heat up all the way.  Overall, this isn’t too long of a charge time.

3. Is the Titan 2 a ‘healthy’ dry herb vaporizer?

The Titan 2 is not necessarily ‘healthy’ but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t positive attributes for a health-conscious vaper to consider. First, remember that the Titan 2 uses convection instead of combustion. Therefore, nothing is being burned which means that there is no smoke inhalation. Moreover, the Titan 2 allows for high temperature settings which means that impurities can be vaped away. Finally, there is not a lot of negative health contribution on the part of the Titan 2. In other words, it isn’t less healthy than other dry herb vapes and is better than butane lighters and smoke.

4. How do you use the Titan 2?

First, always make sure to keep the Titan 2 clean before each use. This might seem tedious but it helps prevent buildup of residues that, while able to be vaped away, make the experience less enjoyable. Next, simply make sure that there is the desired amount of dry herb in the heating chamber. Next, click the power button 5 times to turn it on/off. Unlike the Titan 1, the Titan 2 has arrow control buttons to direct the temperature upwards or downwards.  Don’t hold the power button too long on high settings and regularly clean to avoid burnout or buildup.

E-CLIPSE Dry Herb Vaporizer FAQs

1. How do I use the E-CLIPSE?

For something so sophisticated, the E-CLIPSE is simple and easy to use. First, remove the mouthpiece and load the dry herbs into the heating chamber. Make sure not to pack it too tightly – this is a convection vape, after all, and so it needs good airflow to ensure the dry herb is heated evenly. Next, replace the mouthpiece and turn on the vape by pressing the power button five times quickly. Then, use the controls and display to set the preferred temperature for the vape session. When done, hit the power button five times to shut it down again.

2. What kind of dry herb vape is the E-CLIPSE?

The E-CLIPSE is a convection dry herb vape pen. This means that it does not combust, or burn, the dry herb inside the heating chamber. Rather, the heating chamber fills with hot air that circulates around the herb and slowly vaporizes it. In other words, the E-CLIPSE employs ‘oven-style’ heating to make sure that all of the dry herb is vaped fully but without actually burning anything. This means that there is no smoke and the flavor is what you would expect from any other convection vaporizer. Also, no rough hit from burnt herb which is a huge plus.

3. What vape parts need to be replaced on the E-CLIPSE?

Generally, the E-CLIPSE is a sturdy vape pen so there isn’t much isn’t anything that must be replaced on a regular basis. In fact, the mouthpiece contains a screen/filter that can be cleaned without needing to be replaced often, if at all. That being said, most people find that they would like to purchase an additional mouthpiece if for no other reason than to simply be able to swap it out instead of cleaning the filter on the spot. Besides replacing parts that break if dropped too much or something is chewed up/broken, the E-CLIPSE is incredibly durable.

4. Is the E-CLIPSE worth it?

This is a matter of personal preference. For some, the price tag is a bit too expensive (especially when compared to brands like Titan). That being said, the E-CLIPSE is a high quality vape that packs a lot of great tech and features into a compact, handy design. In other words, it is still a fantastic deal. Most importantly, the E-CLIPSE incorporates great features like a powerful battery and temperature display without making the vape too complicated for newer vapers. Anyone looking for a quality vape with a great reputation should think about the E-CLIPSE.

AGO Dry Herb Vaporizer FAQs

1. What kind of vape pen is the AGO?

The AGO is a combustion vape pen (as opposed to a convection dry herb vape pen). This means that, rather than relying on superheated dry air to vaporize dry herbs, the AGO relies on the powerful battery to actually combust, or burn, the dry herb in the heating chamber. Therefore, to some, the AGO is not a ‘true vape’. Interestingly, however, one can place a glass screen between the heating coil and the dry herb and turn the AGO into a ‘true vape’ if that is preferred. Truly an affordable, versatile dry herb vape pen.

2. How do I use the AGO Vape Pen?

The AGO is rather simple to use. First, remove the mouthpiece from the heating chamber to expose the empty chamber. Remember, if a ‘true vape’ experience is preferred, make sure to place one or two glass screens onto the coil to separate it from the dry herb. Otherwise, simply load the heating chamber with the dry herb. Some people opt to remove the spring on the bottom of the mouthpiece for more room, others prefer the compact environment it promotes. That done, simply screw in the mouthpiece and press the power button five times quickly. Then, enjoy!

3. Should I use the AGO as a convection or combustion vape?

This, honestly, comes down to personal preferences. First, note that a combustion vape pen produces real smoke and not vapor. Therefore, if getting away from smoke is the goal of purchasing a vape pen then the answer is to go ahead with the convection option. Otherwise, think about the flavor differences and the harshness of the hit. For some, a dry herb vape pen is just easier to hit and handle than a clunky glass bowl or pipe. For others, its about getting a smoother hit. Neither option is ‘stronger’ than the other. Rather, it’s about someone’s personal tastes.

4. Is the AGO ‘cheap’?

The AGO’s price tag certainly stands out amongst its competitors. That being said, the AGO is not ‘cheap’ per se. Rather, it is one of the older vape pens on the market. Meaning: it is sturdy, reliable, and cost-effective. This also means that the AGO is not going to come with any fancy features that one might find on the E-CLIPSE or Titan 2. But none of that takes away from the AGO’s quality construction and durable parts. Especially for beginners, or even more experienced vapers needing another workhorse vape pen, the AGO provides an inexpensive way to enjoy vaping.

Saber Vape Wax Pen FAQs

1. What kind of vape pen is a Saber?

The Saber is a wax vape pen - sometimes called a ‘dab’ pen. In other words, wax is placed in a heating chamber and is then superheated by a set of coils that are connected to the battery’s electric current. Thus, rather than having to use a dab tool and superheated glass (and a blowtorch), everything is tucked away into a convenient battery-operated package. Make sure to avoid making a mess (wax is sticky) and to clean the chamber regularly to avoid build-up. All wax pens are ‘true vapes’ in that they only produce vapor and not smoke.

2. How do I use the Saber?

First, make sure that the battery is charged. Next, remove the mouthpiece to expose the heating chamber below. Now, take the dab tool and begin to scoop out some wax and place it inside the heating chamber (and on top of the coils). Make sure there is contact otherwise the wax won’t vaporize as efficiently (if at all). Next, replace the mouthpiece and press the power button 5 times to turn it on. Press three times to cycle through the different temperature settings (green is low, blue medium, and red hot).  Finally, hold the button and enjoy!

3. How do I clean the Saber?

The mouthpiece can (and should) be removed and either boiled in hot water or use 91% isopropyl alcohol in order to remove any residue, buildup, and lingering bacteria. When it comes to the heating chamber, however, make sure not to stick anything in there. Even using a Q-tip make sure to approach with extreme caution. The recommended way to clear the chamber is simply to heat it up repeatedly. Be careful not to overheat it and burn the coils. But, this is the best way to remove wax carefully. Otherwise, keep the ports and connectors free from dust as usual.

4.  Where is the threading?

Thankfully, there is none! That means all those issues with threading being improperly sized or wearing thin will no longer be something to concern oneself when using the Saber! All the parts are magnetic and will snap on and off with relative ease. This also means that maintaining a cleaning schedule is a good idea to avoid dust buildup causing any problems with the magnets. Even the charger itself is magnetized to ensure a smooth fit. Again, make sure to keep the ends free from dust or substances (like wax) that cause the magnets not to touch or stick together.

FAQ About Vaporizers

1. Are vaporizers complex?

Again, hard to answer with general answers. Overall, no not at all. Vape pens are not complicated and are meant to be operated by people consuming some form of herb or concentrate. That being said, some vape pens have more complex features than others. Some are simply heating chambers with a power button and mouthpiece. Others have LED displays for temperature and wattage controls. This is analogous to a bong – some are simply glass tubes with water inside. Others are full of complex percolators and designs. It all depends on the brand and type of vape pen chosen.

2. Are vaporizers safe?

Absolutely. Granted, if used improperly, anything is unsafe. That means that the battery should be taken care of and stored properly when not in use to avoid overheating or temperature issues. Otherwise, vape pens are often more safe than other options. There is no need for an open flame like a lighter or blowtorch. There are also fewer heavy, breakable pieces like glass. Finally, vape pens have safety features built-in like automatic shutoffs due to inactivity or pulling too hard, too long. Just purchase vape pens from reputable merchants and take care of them to avoid any crazy accidents