Titan 1 Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

January 31, 2020

Titan 1 Vape Review

This highly portable dry herb vaporizer utilizes a ceramic oven type convection heating system. The ceramic heating system is optimized to evenly heat your herb and is properly enclosed within the pen itself to reduce any chances of the user being burned while smoking. A vape pen like the Titan 1 is a great companion for those long day trips and removes the headache of dealing with lighters which can be hard to use in certain conditions or are easily lost.

What Comes in a Titan 1 Vape Kit?

What comes with the Titan 1 Vaporizer kit?

The kit that comes with the Titan 1 has everything you need to start vaping your dry herb. In addition to the Titan 1 pen customers also get a micro-USB charging cable, cleaning brush, packing tool, and a handful of replacement components and extensions.

Titan 1 Specifications

Although the Titan 1 does not come with fancy Bluetooth/phone controls, it definitely gets the job done in the vaping department. Unlike other vape pens that utilize combustion, the Titan 1 relies solely on a ceramic convection heating system that can be heated to three different preset temperatures: 380°,400°, or 420°F. The temps this heating system is capable of producing should be more than enough to provide a smooth, flavorful vaping experience.

Heating times on the Titan 1 are also quite impressive with an estimate of 45-90 seconds to reach optimal temperatures. The rapid heating time makes this vape pen great for smoke sessions in a pinch. Users can pack up to 0.5g of herb in the Titan’s heating chamber. Obviously a robust battery system is an essential piece of the Titan 1 build with a 2200 mAh capacity. Fully charging the battery on the Titan 1 can take between 3-5 hours so it best advised to plan ahead before taking your Titan 1 with you for the day.

Notable Features of The Titan 1 Vape

Arguably the star of the show here is the Titan 1’s ceramic heating system which utilizes convection instead of combustion. In comparison to combustion where direct heat is applied to the dry herb, convection heats the herb indirectly via hot air/vapor allowing for more even heat distribution and a greater level of precision when it comes to temperature. Another positive of convection units is their superior flavor and ability to reduce the chance of the herb being burnt as a result of too much direct heat

Another major plus with the Titan 1 is how beginner-friendly it is. In general, this dry herb vape pen is incredibly easy to use with its three different temperature settings that can be easily cycled through with the press of a button. Charging the Titan 1 is not a complicated process either with the unit’s standard micro-USB. Needless to say, a first-time dry herb vape pen user should have very little difficulty taking the Titan 1 out of the box and getting it going almost immediately.

The Titan 1 is not solely limited to dry herb vaping either — this unit is also capable of vaping any oils or concentrates you may have. An additional oil canister kit can be purchased along with the standard kit at a vape store or through other vape retailers.

How Does The Titan 1 Compare to Other Dry Herb Vapes?

How Does The Titan 1 Compare to Other Dry Herb Vapes?

One of the biggest plusses with the Titan 1 is its accessible price point at $50 or even less depending on discounts. Convection dry herb vape pends can be both affordable and incredibly expensive depending on what features, finishes, or components a unit has. In comparison, other dry herb vaporizers like the E-Clipse or DaVinci Miqro can range between $100-200 in price. While these vaporizers are an excellent choice, they are not as accessible for beginners and seem like a large investment. The Titan 1 is a great way to enjoy the benefits of a dry herb vape without breaking the bank.

How Do I Use The Titan 1 Dry Herb Vaporizer?

How Do I Use The Titan 1 Dry Herb Vaporizer?

So, you opted for the Titan 1 and now it has arrived at your doorstep. After taking it out of the box you will find a handful of replacement pieces for the mouthpiece and metal screen filter. There will also be a couple of extension components for the mouthpiece — all of which can be useful in the future if you ever have to replace something.

Next, we want to pop off the mouthpiece from the pen itself to be able to pack the chamber with our dry herbs. With the device facing you pull the mouthpiece sideways and upwards to take it off the unit. Now that we have removed the mouthpiece we can fill the chamber with our chosen herb — the herb should be ground to ensure consistent heating and smooth smoke. When filling the chamber take care to only fill it about 80% of the way. Once filled the mouthpiece can be easily snapped back on to the pen.

To turn on the Titan 1 simply press the power button rapidly 5 times. Once powered on wait approximately 1 min. to 1 min. 30 seconds for the heating chamber to reach the proper temperature. If the unit is not heated to full temperature then there could be issues during the vaporization process leading to a lackluster smoke. When the unit is up to temp the power button will change from red to green indicating everything is heated up. The Titan 1 also has three different temperature settings: red (380°F), green (400°F), and blue (420°F). The temperature settings can be cycled through by holding down the power button for three seconds. Choosing a setting comes down to personal preference and is situational. The red setting will produce less vapor, less odor, and is, therefore, the most discreet option. On the highest temperature setting, blue, the greatest amount of vapor will be produced making the user much more noticeable. At the end of the day, it is recommended to try the different settings and see which you like best.

Now that the unit has heated up to the correct temperate go ahead and take a light, sustained draw off of the mouthpiece. Drawing too hard actually produces less vapor than drawing smoothly at a consistent rate. Rinse and repeat until the dry herb has been completely vaporized. The device will power itself off after 60 seconds of inactivity.

A final note for those using oils and waxes with the optional oil canister attachment — the process will be exactly the same but you will have to find the sweet spot in terms of how much wax/oil to actually vaporize.

How To Clean The Titan 1 Vape Pen

You should take care of the Titan 1 like any other type of dry herb vaporizer. At the end of the smoke session, it is advised to empty out the herb chamber by turning the unit over and shaking out any burnt herb. Over time the mouthpiece and the metal filter will begin to accrue residue. To clean these components use the cleaning brush provided in the Titan 1 kit. If you are experiencing a persistent bit of dirt then a little ISO alcohol or hot water should do the trick. For those using waxes and oils the mileage of your components may vary in comparison to standard dry herb vaporization and additional cleaning may be needed.

How Do I Charge The Titan 1 Dry Herb Vaporizer?

How To Charge The Titan 1 Vape Pen

Ensuring that the unit’s batteries are charged properly will help maintain the longevity of the batteries themselves. For the Titan 1, it is recommended to charge the unit after the battery has been completely drained and to make sure it is charged fully before the next use. As we mentioned above, the Titan 1 has an average charging time of 3.5-5 hours.

Final Words on the Titan 1 Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Titan 1 dry herb vaporizer is an excellent device for beginners due to its affordable price point, discreet nature, and ease of use. What really stands out here is the ceramic heating system that utilizes convection over combustion which reduces the chance of users accidentally burning their herb from too much direct heat. Of course, the downside here is slower heating time. But overall, the Titan 1 is a solid vaporizer for the price.

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