What is the Point of a Vape?

May 15, 2020

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By now, you have probably seen vapes used somewhere, be it by a friend or even in a public space. It is also pretty common to see retail stores that cater to vaping (and you regularly see them at gas stations, too!) However, if you are new to the idea of vaping, you may have several questions, including what is the point of a vape at all? Read below, and we will get that question answered!

The Short Answer

The purpose of a vape is to produce vapor! Regardless of the model of vape used and what kind of substance you are vaping, a vape will heat the substance up. The heating process produces vapor, and that vapor is meant to be inhaled by the user.

Of course, there are a lot of reasons that people choose vaping over traditional smoking. Here is a list of some of the most common reasons that customers frequently choose vaping over smoking.

Vapes Are Easier to Use

Vapes are easy to use, especially when compared to smoking. Most vapes will power on, heat up, and produce vapor! Smoking requires an open flame, produces smoke, and can have several additional steps depending on what you are smoking.

Vapes Are More Discreet

Vapes are much easier to use discreetly than smoking. Vapor has a much weaker smell than smoke, and the smell it produces dissipates quickly. If you are vaping outside, someone would need to be right in your face to be able to smell anything. You can even vape indoors without most people noticing (unless you are ripping huge vapor clouds, of course!)

Vapes Are More Portable

It is much easier to transport a vape than it is to carry around everything you need for smoking. You do not need a glass pipe, lighter, bong set up, grinder, or smell-proof container for vaping. For oil vapes, you just need your vaporizer! For dry herb or wax vapes, you need your vape and something to carry your substances in. These methods are far more travel-friendly than everything needed for smoking.

Vapes for Quitting Smoking

One of the biggest reasons that vaping initially gained so much popularity, and another reason people choose vaping, is to use it as a tool to stop smoking. Vaping oil can be found with varying levels of nicotine, so you can slowly ween yourself off of nicotine while still enjoying the process of vaping. Eventually, you can even use nicotine-free vaping oils! You also avoid the harsh smoke, tar, carcinogens, and other toxins present in tobacco smoking while using vaping as a smoking-cessation tool.

Experts are divided on whether or not vaping is the best method to quit smoking, especially since many switch to vaping but never move away from nicotine-infused oils. Vaping is not a guarantee that you will easily be able to stop smoking tobacco or nicotine,  but there are thousands of vaping enthusiasts that have used it as an effective tool to do so. Be sure to talk with your doctor and review your own research before making any health decisions!

Vaping Dry Herbs vs Smoking Dry Herbs

Vaping dry herbs are becoming more and more popular. It's easier on your lungs and offers significant benefits in comparison to smoking dry herbs. Below are key differences between vaping dry herbs and smoking dry herbs.

Vaping Does Not Produce Smoke

Most dry herb vapes use a process called convection heating to produce vapor. During convection heating, dry herbs are slowly baked, allowing them to release vapor without actually burning the dry herbs. Smoke is never produced, which means a lot of the drawbacks of smoking are avoided, including inhaling tar and carcinogens produced through the burning process. If you have tried smoking dry herbs but were unable to handle the smoke, then vaping might be a fantastic choice for you.

Vaping Dry Herbs is More Portable

When vaping dry herbs, all you need is a container for your dry herbs and a vaporizer (maybe a grinder, too, if you have not ground down your herbs yet). This makes traveling with a dry herb vaporizer a convenient, easy process. Smoking, on the other hand, requires a container for dry herbs, a glass pipe, a place to dump ashes, and an open flame. If you know you will want to be able to enjoy dry herbs while on the go, then a dry herb vape offers an enticing solution.

Vaping Dry Herbs is More Discreet

Just like with oil vaping, vaping dry herbs is much more discreet. Not only do you avoid the visible use of a glass pipe, but vapor also carries a weaker smell than smoking does. It will dissipate quickly and, unless someone is right next to you, the likelihood of being noticed is very low. You can also vape indoors without risking the smell of dry herbs becoming a permanent fixture in your home (and the weak-smells from vaping are not going to leak outside of your home or apartment).

Vaping Dry Herbs is Easier

As you may have gathered, vaping dry herb is a much more simple process than smoking them. This is especially true if you are using a water pipe like a bong or other specialty pipe. The extra steps required to smoke dry herbs is intimidating to new users, which is one of the factors driving the growth in popularity of vaping dry herbs. All you do is grind the herb, load the herb, turn on the vape, inhale the vapor.

To Sum Things Up

There are a lot of great reasons to switch to vaping or even start vaping. It is discreet, easy to use, travel-friendly, and is a great option for those that want to enjoy dry herbs but are intimidated by the complicated setups there can be for smoking. If you have further questions about the benefits of vaping or questions about which vape might be right for you, let us know! We would be happy to get your questions answered and get you into a vaporizer you will love!

Written By: Matthew H.

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