Where Are The Best Places To Use a Dry Herb Vape?

September 29, 2020

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Vaping is popular. So popular in fact, that it has exceeded the number of users in comparison to smokers. This is a good thing! Conversely, this has translated to fewer smoke-related illnesses and hospital visits.

The healthier alternative to smoking, it is no wonder that people would take advantage of any opportunity to have a quick vape session. Sometimes however, the locations people pick may or may not be ideal for a vape session.

Here we will be looking at the best places one can go to have an ideal session free from prying eyes or nosy Nancys. Since privacy happens to be one of the top priorities for any vape user, we will discuss the issue in detail while providing solutions.

The Nature of Dry Herb Vapes

In order to have a great vape session with your dry herb vaporizer, it is critical to understand that dry herb vapor is much different from conventional vapor, such as that from an e-juice pen.

Because dry herb vapor is much lighter and dissipates into the air more quickly, this opens up many more opportunities to have a suitable location for a quick vape session. The good news is that unlike smoke or vapes that emit thick clouds, dry herb vape pens are ideal for stealth.

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They do not stink up the environment, nor do they leave a lingering scent on the user after a session is completed. This is very appealing to users of dry herb vapes because it is a common entryway into the world of vaping for most beginners.

Where Are the Best Places to Vape?

Because we now know the nature of dry herb vapor, this opens up more places to possibly have a session outside of our home. The truth is that your home would be the most ideal place to have a vape session for many reasons, with privacy being at the top.

However, we can now feel more confident knowing that places like public sidewalks and outdoor patios at bars and restaurants for example could also be good choices for dry herb enthusiasts and medical patients alike.

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Just like one can pull out an inhaler in times of need, one can also choose to use an inhaler in public so long as the setting is not exclusive to formality. Always remember to be aware of your surroundings and you should have no problems having a vape session.

Where Are Some of The Places I Should Not Vape?

Common sense would dictate that one should not enter someone else’s home where smoking or vaping are not permitted. Conversely, if you are in a no smoking zone, you would be wise to keep to yourself and wait until it is safe to have a session.

Places such as churches, funerals, courts, schools, polling places, theaters, or government buildings should not even be on your radar for having a possible vape session. The good news is that you would most likely be able to excuse yourself if you find that you are in need to self-medicate.

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As stated earlier, dry herb vapor does not stick to your clothes or make you smell in any way. Aside from your home being the ideal spot, you can choose to vape wherever it is socially acceptable to do so.

Written By: Anthony E.

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