Vaping Dry Herbs vs Smoking Dry Herbs

July 13, 2020

Glass bong with a blue vaporizer

Vaping has taken the world by storm as the most popular form of dry herb consumption. There are many perks to using a dry herb vaporizer over conventional smoking methods. Here at Darkside Vapes, our most popular vaporizers can all accommodate the use of dry herbs within their chambers.

While smoking still remains popular today, the risks outweigh any benefits offered by the use of combustion, from chemical use in butane lighters to carcinogenic substances. Here we will be taking a closer look at the benefits of vaping and how you can get the most out of your dry herb vape sessions.

What is Vaping?

Essential compounds that form a vapor. The most common materials to vape are dry herbs, wax, e-juice, and oil concentrates. In the context of dry herbs, there are two main types of vaping. Convection utilizes heat throughout the material to gently bake it, whereas combustion ignites the material, leaving behind ash and creating smoke.

Dry herb vaporizers are perfect for beginners looking to step into the world of vaping or transitioning from smoking. The concept of dry herb vaping is actually an old one, where methods were sought to heat up the material without burning it, extending sessions and reducing the amount of harsh smoke in the lungs. Modern methods have made this possible, taking the world by storm as the preferred method of dry herb consumption.

What Is A Dry Herb Vaporizer?

There are two main types of vaporizers for dry herbs. One is called a desktop vape, where the unit is best used in an indoor setting and can be plugged into the wall. The other option is the most preferred option, that being of a portable unit. These run off of batteries that can be rechargeable and are perfect for those looking to take their vape session on the go.

Portable dry herb vaporizers like the E-CLIPSE and Titan 2 are efficient in the convection style of vaporization, utilizing heat that can be tailored to fit your preferred method of consumption. Other vaporizers like the AGO Vaporizer can not only vaporize dry herbs, but can also utilize wax, e-liquids and oil concentrates as well, making it a truly versatile unit.

What is Smoking?

The main reason smoking is so popular when it comes to dry herb consumption is the visual aspect of exhaling something, combined with the weight or heaviness of the smoke. Many people find that when they transition into vaping, something is lost during the exhalation, even though the effects remain virtually the same. People enjoy the smoke aspect, despite the negative effects of coughing and other potential health problems.

Smoking is usually accomplished by utilizing a pipe or other smoking apparatus and taking a flame from either a torch, lighter or match and igniting the material while inhaling. This creates the potential for other hazards as well, namely injury from misuse or carelessness with these tools on behalf of the user.

What Are Smoking Pipes?

There is a plethora of different smoking devices out there to choose from. In the pipe world, these styles come in many shapes and sizes. From Sherlock pipes to spoons, chillums and bubblers, there are so many to choose from that one would be hard pressed to find another that is identical, as most of these are handmade from professional glass blowers.

One of the more interesting aspects of these glass pipes is some of their ability to change color. This is due to certain metal fumes that are embedded within the inner walls of the glass which gives them the ability to change color as residue collects. Pipes will forever remain a popular mainstream option for consuming dry herbs, though the truth is that vaping is a much healthier alternative.

Vapor vs Smoke

Now that we know how these two are formed, we can take a closer look at which one is the better option for you. While this will always come down to a matter of personal preference, the fact remains that smoking anything is just not good for your health in the long run. Vapor vastly reduces the number of carcinogenic compounds and tars that are associated with conventional smoking methods.

This can be a deciding factor for those with lung problems or those who suffer from allergies or sensitivities to smoke in general. The only benefit to smoke is the visual aspect of it, while any other perceived benefit is purely subjective. Vapor will always be lighter, cleaner, cooler, and less noticeable.

Benefits of Vaping vs Smoking

One practical benefit of vaping over smoking aside from the health aspect is that vaping from a portable vaporizer is always a discrete action, as the unit is easily concealable within the hand and can be quickly pocketed. Being as how vapor is naturally light and wispy, this further adds to the stealth appeal.

Vaping dry herbs can also be a more convenient option over smoking, as sessions can be tailored to switch on and off at the discretion of the user, making this a versatile option for light users. Vapor will never stink up your clothes the way smoke can, and vapor will not give you bad breath, making this a more appealing option for those who want to emphasize a cleaner lifestyle.

Dry Herb Vaporizers vs Bongs

While bongs remain an ever-popular option for dry herb consumers, the fact of the matter is that these do not compare in terms of stealth, portability, or convenience. Bongs need water, lighters, additional components, and the right type of user to ensure a smooth session with such a delicate device. Dry herb vapes and bongs are similar however in their ability to provide the user with an effective means to dry herb consumption.

The difference here is that dry herb vapes will not accumulate as much residue over time, will not leave behind ash, nor provide you with harsh chemicals or require the use of additional tools. Bongs are great for in home sessions, whereas vaporizers are great virtually anywhere you go.

Convection Vapes vs Combustion Vapes

As previously discussed, convection is where heat travels throughout the chamber into the dry herb material and gently bakes your herbs without reaching the point of combustion. Models such as the E-CLIPSE, Titan 1 and Titan 2 excels in this area of providing excellent convection style vaporization. Combustion is simply the act of igniting your dry herb material without producing true vapor.

Vaporizers such as the AGO Vaporizer are a great example of this, with the added ability to vaporize wax and oil concentrates. This is a great option for those who want to smoke their dry herbs without relying on harsh chemicals like butane to light up their dry herbs. This is also a great way to transition into the world of vaping.

What Is A Portable Vaporizer?

Modern technology has afforded us the ability to vaporize our dry herb material without having to wait extensive amounts of time just to be able to do so. Along with the added benefit of customizing the lengths of your vape sessions, having a discrete method of vaping has made this the most popular method of consuming dry herbs.

The use of vaporizers have really helped people move from smoking dry herbs to vaping them, reducing their health issues and creating a way for people to enjoy their dry herbs without having to rely on chemical add-ons or wasting time having to deep clean their units every so often.

What Is The Best Dry Herb Vaporizer?

Whether you opt for a convection or combustion style of vaporizer, what you end up with will ultimately rely upon your own personal preferences. The best vaporizer will be the one that suits your own needs. If you prefer to smoke without using lighters, then a combustion style vaporizer like the AGO Vaporizer will be right for you. If you want to try convection and want to dive right in, then an E-CLIPSE, Titan 1 or Titan 2 will be a good fit for you.

There are all sorts of differences from battery life to temperature control within these units, so take a look at what strikes your fancy. If precision temperature control is something that you could greatly benefit from, then the Titan 2 would be worth a look. If you want something truly discrete, the E-CLIPSE is the way to go. Here at Darkside Vapes, we have something for everyone.


We hope by now that you have a clearer view on vaping dry herbs would be a much better alternative to smoking them. If you are still on the fence however, feel free to try giving the AGO Vaporizer a go, and see the difference on how having a dry herb smoke session without the lighter is a much better experience for you.

Dry herb vapes will always produce a light vapor that is not comparable to smoke, which is something that concerns a lot of users. Rest assured that this is normal and is simply the nature of dry herb vaporization. It is meant to go easy on your lungs while still providing you with the results you expect in a vape session.

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