Does Vaping Dry Herbs Smell?

July 09, 2020

Womans nose smelling dried marijuana

Vaping is a growing phenomenon for a reason. Vapes are a much healthier alternative to classic smoking methods. They have lots of other benefits too. Vapes are made to be small and discreet, so they can be used almost anywhere. Vapor is less thick than smoke, so it dissipates more quickly. Not only is the smell less intense when using a vaporizer, but the smell disappears faster and is less likely to cling to clothing.

Vapes also allow you to choose the temperature used to extract the good compounds in herbs. Lower temperatures will produce less smell, show less in the air after exhaling, and are easier on the lungs. Also, starting with a low temperature and slowly increasing it over time will help your product last longer. Different compounds are released and activated at different temperatures, so vapes are a great option for connoisseurs and herb lovers. They enable a wide range of tastes, feelings, and sensations.

Dry Herb vaporizers, like the E-Clipse and Titan 2 vape, use convection heating elements. These can be made from metal, glass, or ceramic. Convection heating works in the same way an oven does. Instead of flame touching the heated substance, heat is dispersed in a chamber. That heat evenly bakes the herbs, ensuring full extraction of the important compounds. The herbs are held in a mesh chamber slightly separated from the heating element. This helps prevent the element from getting gunked up over time. It makes cleaning the piece and keeping it functional much easier.

Vapor vs Smoke

Smoking uses heat from combustion instead of convection. In simple terms, combustion is lighting something on fire. Smoking via combustion fills your lungs with burnt carbon and other impurities. If you are using a paper or tobacco leaf to smoke, that effect is even worse. Papers and tobacco leaves often have flavors or bleaches in them to change the taste and color of the wrap.

Glass pipes do not have the toxic flavorings and bleaches that papers do, but do have the problem with carbon and impurities. Water helps filter out some impurities but not all of them. The big problem with water filters is that they also filter out some of the goodies. They can be messy and smell very bad. Frequent maintenance and cleaning is required to keep a glass piece in good shape.

Smoking with paper or a pipe destroys many of the good compounds before they make it into your body. The heat from fire is too high for the delicate molecules of herbs. Most of the good compounds in herbs are absorbed because of the way combustion travels around the plant matter. A little bit of the compounds are vaporized properly as the cherry (fire) approaches, but some of what is left over is destroyed when it gets burnt. Those destroyed compounds are not easily absorbed by the body and can contribute to tar buildup in the lungs.

Let’s compare vaping to smoking and its problems. Convection vaping allows for the capture of pure extracts from herbs. All of the good compounds are gently warmed and lifted out of the plant and moved smoothly into the lungs. There is little or no burnt carbon. The effect of vaporizing is quick and comfortable. Vapor is much more gentle and less likely to cause coughing. That has an added bonus of making it easier to hold the vapor in the lungs, allowing time for complete absorption.

Ten Advantages of Vapor Over Smoking

  1. More efficient use of compounds in herb
  2. Makes herbs last longer
  3. Less smell and less visible smoke
  4. Compounds are more easily absorbed into the body
  5. Less carbon and impurities in the lungs
  6. Easy to pocket or store in your backpack
  7. Easier to inhale without coughing
  8. Vapor does not cling to clothes as much as smoke
  9. Temperature control helps choose the intensity
  10. Vaporizers are commonly used for nicotine juice, so they do not look suspicious

Tips for Eliminating or Limiting the Smell of Vapor

Vaporizers already smell less than glass pipes or paper wraps do, but there are a few more things you can do to hide the smell:

Vape Outside

Vaping outside helps the smell disperse quickly and makes it less obvious where the smell is coming from. Well ventilated buildings like concert halls or places with big open windows are also good for vaping. If you are vaping at home, put a small fan in the window and blow the vapor directly through it. If you cannot open a window, blowing the vapor directly up toward the ceiling will help it disperse more quickly than if you exhale directly across the room.

Vape At A Lower Temperature

Lower temperatures produce less smell than higher temperatures do, so consider turning the settings down when smoking indoors. Some vaporizers have unique features like airflow activated heat elements. This ensures that the herb is only getting smelly when you are actually pulling from the vape.

Make A Sploof To Eliminate The Smell

If you tried the things above and are still having trouble with smell, you can make a sploof to help hide the scent. Sploofs are very effective. You can buy them at most smoke shops, or you can make one yourself. A cardboard tube from a roll of paper towels will do the trick. There are lots of online recommendations for how to make them, but a common method is to attach some dryer sheets to the end of the tube using rubber bands. Blowing the vapor through the tube and dryer sheets will help capture the smelly particles before they get into the air.

Dry Herb Vapors vs Other Vapors

There are a few different types of vaporizers specialized for different substances. Some are for dry herbs, some for wax, some are for oil and e-juice. There are a few vaporizers that can do multiple types, but usually, specialized devices work better and last longer.

Dry Herb Vapor

Dry herb vapes are for vaping dried plant matter. They often use convection heat and have custom temperature settings. Some allow you to choose any temperature in a range, and some have pre-set choices. They usually have a chamber with mesh which helps hold the herb in place without getting the internal machinery dirty. Herbs need to be ground before being packed into the vaporizer, and many types of herbs provide benefits from being vaped. Dried mint makes a good mixer with other herbs. Dry herb vapes are healthy and discreet options for smokers.

Wax Vapor

Wax vapes are usually more powerful devices because wax takes more heat to vaporize. They often use ceramic heating elements because they have a wide temperature range. They sometimes have exposed coils instead of mesh so that the product can be scraped or placed directly on the heating element. Wax tends to smell a little stronger than dry herb does in a vaporizer, but they are still more discreet than smoking using a glass pipe.

E-Juice Vapor

E-juice vaporizers are used for sweet-flavored nicotine juices. They produce big, very visible clouds. That is partly because of the chemical makeup of the juice - vegetable glycerine makes a big, smoky appearance when it first hits the air. It disappears quickly though and the smell does not stick around. If someone smokes in a single room for a long time, a slight haze might eventually appear, but it will disappear quickly with an opened window or door.

Oil Vapor

Oil vape pens are used to vape THC oil. THC oil has a much higher viscosity (thickness) than E-Juice. They tend to smell as strong as wax vapor, but the smell will disappear fairly quickly. Oil pens have been getting smaller and smaller. They are arguably the easiest and most discreet vapes to use for cannabis.

Written By: Sawyer W.

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