What is Vapor?

July 06, 2020

E-Clipse vape with colorful vape smoke

Vapor is defined as the volatile compounds known as terpenes and/or oils that are released from dry herbs, wax, e-liquids, and oil concentrates as heat passes through them without burning them. These collect into what we see as vapors. In order to achieve this, heat must pass through these materials at a certain temperature below combustion to be able to extract these compounds.

Smoking is the act of simply burning the material without the use of meticulously heating it up below combustion. The benefits of vapor are many, and one of the main perks of vaporization over smoking is the lack of smell that lingers in the neighboring environment after a vape session. Compared to smoke, vapors tend to smell much less and dissipate in the air more quickly, being one of the most preferred methods to maintaining stealth and discretion.

What is a Vaporizer?

Vaporizers come in an array of different shapes, styles, colors, and sizes. Some are made to be used indoors, while others are made to be portable for on the go users. Desktop vaporizers are designed to be used for inside the home and can accommodate the use of dry herbs and concentrates. Some of these are able to blow hot air through the material, filling up large balloons that are technically portable, though usually confined within the surrounding space, unlike true portable vapes.

These types of vapes however are the most powerful and can extend a vape session to a couple of hours. Portable vapes are versatile and can either specialize in one vape modality, or accommodate all of them, known as 3 in 1 vapes (such as the AGO Vaporizer). Rechargeable and discrete, these types of vapes utilize either a coil or atomizer to heat up the material. The most popular and preferred way to vape, portable vapes are great for dry herbs, wax, oil, and e-liquids.

What Are The Benefits of Vaping?

Here we can take a closer look at the benefits of using a vaporizer over the traditional method of smoking. This will give you a better look at why vaping can be a much better option for you.

1) Discrete and Low-Key

Unlike desktop vapes, any convection or combustion vape that fits in your hand is going to be stealthier by comparison. With a portable vape, your sessions can be tailored and short, taking instantaneous hits and then pocketing your vape.

2) Limited Smell and Dissipates Quickly

Another great perk when compared to traditional smoking methods, vaporizers leave virtually no “evidence” of your activity aside from actually being there during an exhalation. Unlike smoke, vapor does not linger or penetrate your clothing.

3) Easy to Use

With a push of a button or a simple draw from a unit, the device will power on and deliver a hit without having to wait for it like you would a desktop vape. Some of these have simplified the process by not including temperature controls, instead having preset heating options.

4) Quick Process

As mentioned, any hit will be undoubtedly quicker to deliver and much faster to end after you exhale. For on the go users, this is the epitome of convenience.

5) Healthier than Smoke

It is no secret that smoking anything is bad for your health. The transition into vaping can be seamless by first using a combustion vape, and then easing into a true vape. This will eliminate the carcinogenic load of burning your material and inhaling the contents.

Does Vapor Smell?

The benefit of vaping over smoking is the fact that vapor will only (lightly) smell after exhalation, is much less visible than smoke, and will dissipate into the air much quicker. Unlike smoke, vapor will not stick to your clothes or seep into furniture and leave behind a lingering stench. Vaping outdoors is the most ideal as these perks are compounded and true stealth is achieved.

When someone smokes, it is a visible activity. Smoke leaves behind an odor that can last for hours, even days. Even when smoking outdoors, the smell is noticeable, and people know what is going on. On top of that, smoke gives the user bad breath, whereas vapor will not do this to a user, making it more appealing over traditional smoking methods. These issues are virtually eliminated through the use of a portable vaporizer.

Vaping vs Smoking

The main differences between vapor and smoke is that vapor has less noticeability in terms of use, whereas smoke can be identified long after a session is over. Smoke and vapor tend to be similar in that they both can achieve the desired effects in a session. Vapor is usually created through convection, where hot air flows through the material and releases compounds that create vapor without burning the material.

Smoke is created by way of combustion, the end result being either a burnt material or residue. Vapor is much better than smoke in terms of health and stealth concerns, whereas smoke can only be subjectively better to the individual user who prefers the “heaviness” that smoke creates in a big hit. Box mods for e-liquids can create these types of massive clouds however, without the use of combustion.

Vapor vs Vaper

Although relevant in terms, the difference here is that vapor refers to the compounds released from a vaporizer, whereas a vaper is someone who uses a vaporizer. Similar to being referred to as a smoker for someone who smokes, a vaper is distinguished by his or her preference to vaping over any other modality.

This is not to say that a vaper can never smoke, or a smoker can never vape, though the truth is that a vaper does not usually revert back to traditional smoking methods once he has made the transition into vapor, due to health reasons for example. A smoker can dabble in vape sessions when they are available, as vaping offers more benefit. Here at Darkside Vapes, we feel that being referred to as a vaper is a label worthy of recognition.

What Is a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

Usually made for either desktop or portable use (like the E-CLIPSE), dry herb vaporizers use either a fixed chamber or detachable atomizer that can utilize convection heat to deliver vapor to the user. Dry herb vapes tend to produce very light and wispy vapor compared to other types. Most find that transitioning into vaporizing is better done with a dry herb vaporizer to start off with.

Nonetheless, portable dry herb vaporizers produce some of the best experiences for those looking to enjoy their dry herbs on the go without having to resort to combustion methods. Vapes like the Titan 2 are great examples of this feature. Other vapes like the AGO Vaporizer can vape dry herbs as well as other materials.

What Is A Wax Vaporizer?

Wax vapes usually come in the form of a portable pen and can produce some light vapor in comparison to box mods for example. Wax is usually loaded onto a coil and vaped at a preset temperature within the unit, producing a vape session that is similar to a dry herb session, minus the need to empty out the pen. Combination vapes can accommodate every manner of material, including wax concentrates.

Simply switching out the atomizer and dialing in the correct voltage is all that is typically needed. Most wax vapes are portable in nature, bringing the experience of a dab rig with them without using all the heavy excess and water. Wax vapes are some of the most popular choices for portable users.

What Is An Oil Vaporizer?

Aside from combination 3 in 1 vapes, oil vapes are usually box mods or slim pens. With a removable cartridge that is either pre-filled or refillable, it should be noted that with similar consistencies, oil vapes can accommodate the use of oil concentrates and e-juice. This makes them incredibly convenient and the most popular choice for vape enthusiasts. Oil vapes produce the biggest clouds of vapor from any other type of vape, furthering the appeal.

The added bonus of course is the ability to be discrete and on the go. These types of vapes utilize an atomizer with an internal heating coil that runs through the middle, which is how it heats up the oil. Others use a drip system that slowly vaporizes the oil with a wick. Of any other modality, oil vapes tend to produce the strongest effects.

Vaping vs Dabbing

While technically the same thing, the main difference here is that vaping is portable, whereas dabbing is not. Introduced at roughly the same time, this gave vape enthusiasts more options when it came to consuming their favorite concentrates. Dabbing utilizes the use of a torch and nail, going through an elaborate system that incorporates water as a filtering and cooling mechanism. This method produces the heaviest vapors, however.

Vaping on the other hand does not use such complex systems, instead opting for simplicity while maintaining efficiency. While dabbing needs no batteries to operate, torches do need fluid over time. By eliminating the use of water and torches, this is the only way to provide portability with the convenience of a true vape session in a vape. It all comes down to a matter of personal preference.


By now we hope that you have a much broader understanding of the subtleties of vapor and how they are similar and different from one another. While it is advisable to ease your way into the world of vaping, feel free to try out anything that suits your fancy in our line of popular vaporizers. If dry herbs are more your style, or if you are a beginner on the vape scene, try out either our famous E-CLIPSE or Titan 2 Vapes.

For those wanting something that can accommodate dry herbs, wax, e-juice and oil concentrates, try our popular AGO Vaporizer. This one will produce the most vapor depending on the material you put into it. The best vape will always be the one you use the most, so just remember that it is all a matter of personal preference. Happy vaping!

Written By: Anthony Endlich

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