Why Dry Herb Vape Pens Are Better Than Desktop Vaporizers

September 29, 2020

Two DarkSide Vaporizers VS. A Desktop Vaporizer

The truth is that desktop vapes are highly efficient units that deliver power with every pull. This is due to the fact that desktop vapes are connected to an external power source in your wall outlet. The reality is that despite having more power, desktop vapes are poor performers in today’s fast paced world.

The fact remains that while desktop vapes give longer sessions, you are limited to where you can actually have a session. Life will eventually get back to being more social and hopefully soon, back to the social activity of sharing fun pastimes together and going back to work.

This is where portability is key and will play a significant role once again. While desktop vapes are known for being bulky and conspicuous, portable dry herb vape pens afford the user a sense of privacy and resourcefulness.

Are Desktop Vapes Technically Portable?

Yes, they are, though without a reliable power source you will simply have a nice bundle of junk. When we consider how things happen unexpectedly in life, we come to appreciate those things that are simple, battery operated, and personal.

What sounds better… packing a desktop vape in a backpack, or carrying a dry herb vape pen in your pocket? The answer should be obvious, because portability should be the sole deciding factor in determining a vape’s efficiency.

Dry herb vape pens offer more than just portability, whereas desktop vapes are as moveable and convenient as large glass dab rigs, one should consider how convenient it would be to combine efficiency and portability. Even then, this is still not enough!

What Can Dry Herb Vape Pens Do That Desktop Vapes Cannot?

Being battery operated has its advantages in that in an emergency situation, you will still have a reliable way to administer medicinal compounds to you or someone else should the need arise. Aside from that, we discussed the portability aspect and how desktop vapes cannot truly compare to the convenient nature of a dry herb vape pen.

Another fine point to consider is stealth. Dry herb vape pens are inherently designed to be inconspicuous and private, maintaining an ergonomic style that delivers quick hits in succession, and can be just as easily pocketed for concealment.

Combine that with the fact that dry herb vape pens provide the user with a wide range of precision temperature control and you have yourself a reason to invest in a portable unit. Vapes such as the E-CLIPSE, Titan 1 and Titan 2 are prime examples of dry herb vape pens that provide these features, and more.

What Other Benefits Are There in Using a Dry Herb Vape Pen Over a Desktop Vape?

One of the most important aspects to consider when investing in a vaporizer is your budget, and the fact of the matter is that desktop vapes are just more expensive! Despite the fact that portable vapes offer more in terms of value, resourcefulness and efficiency, desktop vapes can go for several hundred dollars compared to a portable pen.

Aside from the price of the vape itself, desktop vapes will end up costing you more in dry herbs as well, since you need more to pack in a whip compared to a portable dry herb vape chamber. Another benefit of using a portable vape over a desktop vape is maintenance.

When a component goes out in a desktop vape, the part can be rather expensive to replace, at times needing a whole new unit, whereas a dry herb vape pen will likely have replaceable accessories. Cleaning a portable pen is much faster and easier compared to a large desktop vape.

What Are the Downsides to Owning a Desktop Vape?

Aside from everything just mentioned, the main downside to every desktop vape is the inconvenience of having to spend money on either replacements, repairs, and more dry herbs to accommodate the holding capacity. You end up spending more money when you use a desktop vape.

Dry herb vape pens are more practical in that they only use what you need, when you need it. With money being on the top of most people’s concerns nowadays, it is reasonable to assume that you will spend a significant amount of money if you own and frequently use a desktop vaporizer. Even though most have been confined to their homes at this time due to the global pandemic, investing in the future once it passes would be the wisest choice.

Unfortunately, we currently have a situation where we feel that since we are restricted to our homes, we should also be restricted to items that are utilized by our homes instead of wasting batteries on things that are able to be powered by electricity. Portable dry herb vapes excel in this area as well, since they are indeed battery operated, though use a specialized rechargeable battery not available in most retail stores.

Why a Dry Herb Vape Pen is Your Best Bet

Here at Darkside Vapes we specialize in providing the latest in vaping technology when it comes to dry herbs, and we feel that keeping our customers informed is the best method of advertisement.

Looking at acquiring a vaporizer should be considered more of an investment instead of a cost, though fortunately our dry herb vaporizers are reasonably priced to accommodate people of all backgrounds, because high quality medicinal tools should not be restricted to only those who can easily drop several hundred dollars in a desktop vape.

We feel that portable vapes have much more to offer, and that you will be highly pleased with what we have on our product line. Less is more, and instead of overwhelming our customer base with different hoods all harboring the same engines, we wish to keep you informed, educated, and provide you with the best products and customer service!

Written By: Anthony E.

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