How Much Is A Vape Pen?

July 20, 2020

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Vaporizers are extraordinarily popular and have quickly become one of the most common ways to enjoy dry herb. As such, there is a wide variety of vaporizers on the market even within each major category of vape pen – dry herb, wax, or oil. This means that someone could easily walk into any store or find any website and can purchase a vape pen from anywhere between $20 and $200.

There are of course some differences between these types of vaporizers and the less expensive a vape pen the more likely that it is simpler, offers less customization, and is likely to operate at a lower wattage setting or have a smaller battery. That isn’t to say that they are inherently worse – there are lots of reasons that someone would buy a $20 vape pen over a $200 dry herb vaporizer. That being said, remember that everything discussed in this article should be applied generally and that vape pens can vary greatly between different models. Something that is true for one type of vape pen is not necessarily true for another (even within the same price range). Overall, no matter what price point someone is working with there is certainly a few quality vape pens available.

What Makes a Vape Pen Cheap or Expensive?

Frankly, vape pens will vary in price more often because of the level of sophistication and the number of features that a vape pen has. For example, a standard vape pen (like the AGO) is going to work just fine and offer a good experience but might not be as good for someone who prefers to adjust the temperature settings or wattage. While this doesn’t affect the quality of the vape pen (AGO is widely respected) it does mean that for certain vapers the AGO is just not going to cut it. And the same would work in reverse. Sometimes a vape pen has too much. It all depends on the person using the vape pen.

1. Different Types of Vape Pens

Vape pens have a tremendous amount of diversity to them. First of all, vape pens differ in the type of material they use. Some vape pens are going to use dry herb - there are even two different types of dry herb vape pens (combustion and convection) - while other vape pens operate by vaping wax or oil concentrates made from flower. Some vape pens are also interchangeable with 2 or even all three types of vaping material. This makes vape pens more versatile than other types of smoking but it also adds another element to the cost of the vape pen – the more types of material a vape pen can operate with the more likely it will be pricier than its 1 or 2 option equivalent.

Beyond the types of material that are used, vape pens can also range tremendously between actual ‘pens’ (or skinny vapes) and their bulkier, heavier, more powerful cousins box mods. Vape pens are the classic, thinner, and more easily concealed of the two. They are also less likely to be able to have temperature controls or wattage settings. This will factor into the price as well. Often times, box mods are rather interchangeable because the most important part is the ‘box’-like battery that forms the bulk of the vaporizer.

A good general rule of thumb is to remember that the skinniest oil and wax vape pens are going to be, generally, cheaper than a box mod equivalent because of the size and sophistication difference. Dry herb vaporizers, however, are going to be, on average, a bit more expensive than the box mods simply because being able to vaporize flower requires more power and heat than vaporizing a concentrated liquid or semi-solid (in the form of wax). Keep this in mind and make sure to pay attention to each individual vape.

2. Vape Battery Capacity and Quality

The battery on a vape is going to be the most important part of vaping (think the flame to traditional smoking). Without the battery, all is essentially lost. There are going to be pricier and more powerful batteries and also weaker batteries. Regardless of power, however, make sure to pay attention to quality of the battery as well. Batteries that are subpar are not going to make for a great vaping experience – no one likes to have to sit next to and watch the charger constantly. The better quality a battery the better the experience will be. That being said, some less expensive vape pens are simply using a less powerful battery. That isn’t as bad. The difference between the power can be negligible as long as it is powerful enough to actually vaporize. Avoiding manufacturers that cut costs on the battery, however, is one of the best ways to ensure that someone is getting the most bang for their buck.

3. Vape Functions

The more functions that a vape pen has the more likely it will be that the vape pen is more expensive. This makes intuitive sense. If someone is using a Stylus vape pen (which doesn’t even have a power button) they are naturally going to be spending less on the item than a larger, more sophisticated dry herb vaporizer, like the E-Clipse or Titan 2. That doesn’t mean the Stylus is a bad vape – on the contrary it is an excellent vape pen that provides discretion and good hits. But make sure to pay attention to the functions if a more complex or customizable vape is preferred. The amount of features can be amazing – controlling the temperature, having a heating feature, having a power output control system, etc. All of this, controlled by the PCB chip, is going to change the cost of the vape commensurate with the number of features (and their complexity).

4. Vape Display Screens

Display screens are an awesome feature to have. They can show someone just how much battery is left, the level of power, the temperature, etc. This is something that can be a lot of fun and pretty useful to have on a vape. That being said, it should be understood that this also means that the vape is going to be pricier. A great example of a dry herb vaporizer with a display screen is the Titan 2 and E-Clipse vaporizer. This is certainly a more advanced feature AND it takes up space on the vape itself away from the battery, storage capacity, etc. Like with most things, the larger the item the more likely it is that it will cost more. One thing to consider regarding screens is whether or not the other functions mentioned above are of any importance. If not, then a screen is completely unnecessary because there is not a lot of custom features on the simpler vape pens that require a digital screen.

5. Vape Brand Names

Pay attention to Brand names on the vapes. This doesn’t mean to ignore them – not at all. Vape Brands have popular names for a reason – they are reliable, powerful, fun, or a combination of the three (among other positive considerations). This means that someone shouldn’t automatically stay away. BUT it does mean that obtaining a particular brand (even a model within a particular brand) will cost more than going with a generic equivalent or another brand. This is purely a judgment call based upon the company/brand reputation as well as the needs of the individual vaper. Some prefer to support certain businesses while others simply need a working vape. While many more (if not most) are somewhere in between. Look into the most popular vapes and go from there if interested. The E-Clipse Vaporizer is the most popular vape brand by Dark Side Vapes.

6. Vape Coil Attachment

Particularly with oil and wax vapes, coil types are going to be important. Remember that different materials for coils will offer different bonuses or benefits. Ceramic coils are going to take longer to heat up but will stay warmer longer than a quartz coil. The same applies in reverse for quartz. Each has their own feel and advantage and someone should make sure that they have purchased the one they prefer. The E-Clipse vaporizer doesn't come with any kind of vape coil attachment. Its designed with a built-in heating chamber like most convection vaporizers. The Titan 1 and Titan 2 have an oil tank attachment for vaping oil in the vaporizer.

Cheap Vape vs Expensive:  AGO vs Eclipse

Both of these vapes are going to be great vapes. Each works fine and provides a sense of relief. That said, recognize that the Eclipse has a number of features that the AGO doesn’t including but not limited to: a digital screen, temperature controls, and a more powerful battery. It is also $100 more expensive. Neither vape is bad. The value of the bargain depends on the vaper’s needs.

Written By: Robert H.

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