Is It OK To Share My Dry Herb Vape?

October 01, 2020

Graphics Showing People Sharing Vapes

While the idea of sharing a favorite pastime might seem appealing to most vaping connoisseurs, the reality is that in no other time in history would it have been a worse time to do so than in 2020.

Now in case you have been living under a rock for the better half of 2020, you would be shocked to learn that the world has been hit with a novel virus that scientists have dubbed COVID-19.

The ease of transmission with which this virus has been known has made vaping with those close to us all but just fond memories, at least for the time being. There are however other factors outside of a global pandemic that would warrant the preference of keeping your vaping activities to yourself, which we will be exploring here.

How Likely Am I to Get COVID-19 if I Share My Vape?

Despite the fact that some people come down with a severe case of breathing difficulty that has resulted in countless deaths, there are a great many people out there who have shown no symptoms whatsoever and have still been silent carriers of the virus.

This is dangerous because it has been more difficult to track its origins when some people have fallen ill, unable to accurately recall the source. Because of this, the spread of COVID-19 has been akin to a wildfire out in the bush. The real question is this: Do you want to risk your health, or worse, the health of those you love over something like this?

Nobody knows how they are going to react to this virus, and so it is of utmost importance to keep your distance from others, and under no circumstances share your vaping units with others! Keep in mind that this is only temporary and will eventually come to pass as any other pandemic throughout history.

Graphics of People with Vapes and Covid-19 Symbols

Thankfully, science has discovered very early that this and any other virus on the surface of hard objects are easily killed with simple rubbing alcohol. Simply wiping down the mouthpiece thoroughly (and the rest of the unit) will ensure that any pathogens will be rendered harmless and destroyed.

This should not be an excuse to share your vaping devices however, as being in close proximity to anyone exhaling with intention is just asking for trouble. The good news is that high heat has also been shown to destroy the virus, which dry herb vaporizers can effectively accomplish with the push of a button.

Virus particles can theoretically be carried on the vapor and spread much further than if one were simply breathing, however this is highly debatable. It would be much wiser to simply err on the side of caution and practice safe social distancing measures until this is over with.

Why Else Shouldn’t I Share My Dry Herb Vape?

Aside from the facts stated above, another main reason to keep to yourself when it comes to your vaping habits is because if nobody else is paying for your dry herbs, or the electric bill needed to charge up your device, let’s face it then, they are not really entitled to partake in your vape sessions!

Do not get us wrong… We love having vape sessions with our closest friends! The only problem is that when you are running low, and you happen to have a friend around, the feeling of obligation can creep in and before you know it, you blow right through your last stash just trying to be “cool” when you could have enjoyed it all for yourself.

People Vaping with Dry Herb Vapes and Dry Marijuana Herb

You paid for it, did you not? Now if your friends reciprocate and regularly return the favor then by all means, be a pal. Though no one should ever feel obligated to split their sessions with people just because you are “being a friend.” Real friends will not expect you to do this... remember that! So, if you want to save money (especially right now) then do yourself a favor and keep your vape sessions to yourself.

Written By: Anthony E.

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