How to Fix a Vaporizer

July 27, 2020

Broken vape being fixed with paperclip

With so many different vaporizers on the market ranging from dry herbs and wax, to oil and box mod vapes, fixing a particular vape may depend upon the type of vape being used, and even more specifically, the exact model or brand in question. Here at Darkside Vapes, we want to provide a quick and direct breakdown of how to address these issues.

We will first look at a few common vaporizer problems and potential solutions, and then go further to find issues and explanations for each specific type of vape – dry herb, wax, oil, and box mods.

Common Problems Found in Any Vaporizer

Whether for dry herbs or wax, there are some common issues you can run into. Because of the nature of portable vapes, the issue can be specific to the product itself, though here are the most common issues that can occur with almost any vape:

1. Will Not Turn On

Most vapes have a 5 click feature, though you must make sure to do it quickly, and do not worry about pressing the unit a 6th time. You also want to make sure it is fully charged to ensure your unit will turn on and function.

2. Will Not Charge

Always make sure your unit is firmly plugged into the charging cord and power source. Remember to use the appropriate cords for your particular device, and test out with a different cord to locate the problem if it does not charge.

3. 510 Threading Mismatch

510 threading is the most common, made popular from the pen EGO style batteries. Other thread counts do occur, so if a new chamber does not screw onto your battery, you likely have a mismatched threading situation. This can be fixed by simply acquiring the proper threading.

Common Dry Herb Vaporizer Problems

With so many dry herbs vapes on the market, it is inevitable to encounter an issue that could be caused by either the product being vaped, or the unit itself. Award winning vapes like the Titan 2 and E-CLIPSE can easily run into issues due to user error. Here are just a few problems to look out for:

1. No Vapor Being Produced

The issue here could be a matter of temperature being too low, or herbs not being broken up enough. A higher temperature setting, and a high-quality grinder can mitigate these problems. You will also want to give your device enough time to heat up. Note that dry herbs tend to give much lighter vapors in comparison to wax and oil concentrates.

2. Difficult to Get a Hit

The main cause for this is usually just a clogged screen. Regularly maintaining this area will ensure you get vape sessions with a good airflow. It is easier to clean your screens after every session instead of waiting for the problem to arise. Residues can also build up over time, so maintaining a regular cleaning schedule is ideal.

3. Smoke Instead of Vapor

If your dry herbs combust regularly and turn to ash, you may actually have a combustion vape, which differs from a traditional vape. Combustion vapes like the AGO can actually utilize a glass screen to produce more vapor, otherwise you will want to acquire a convection vape.

4. Mouthpiece Too Hot

Vaporizers get hot, and this is normal. At some point your vape is going to go over 400 degrees, at which time a mouthpiece with a rubber or silicone extension would be advised. This covers the mouthpiece and allows you to take a hit without burning your lips. Another way around this is to consider taking shorter vape sessions.

Common Wax Vape Problems

Some issues with wax vapes can be due to either the type of wax being vaped, or even the unit itself. Even vapes that are capable of vaping dry herbs, like the AGO Vaporizer, can run into some common issues that could be due to user error when vaping wax. Here are some of the most common:

1. Sticky Mess / Difficult to Open Parts

When vaping wax, remember not to over pack, keep the wax pen upright, especially right after use because warm wax flows and can get everywhere, resulting in a mess that can ruin fabrics, objects, etc.. If you find parts are difficult to pry apart, slightly heating them up can help to loosen them.

2. Coil Will Not Heat

Always make sure the coil is attached properly to the unit. Wax vapes specifically require coil replacements from time to time due to wear and tear. Be careful not to poke or over pack the unit, and if using a box mod, do not use too much power as this can potentially burn out the coil.

3. Poor Taste

Wax concentrates are a messy product and the quality of the wax can vary greatly depending on the manufacturing process. In time, all coils get nasty with enough usage before having to be replaced. If the flavor is not at its best, you should try getting a new coil for the freshest taste.

Common Oil Vape Problems

One of the most popular types of vaping modalities has its fair share of common issues that could be addressed by remembering to follow a few simple guidelines. Oil vapes can commonly utilize e-liquids and can face similar problems to box mods. Aside from malfunctions that could be due to either the oil or the device itself, here are some of the most common issues:

1. Coil or Atomizer Does Not Work

This could be a matter of not being attached properly, the coil being burnt out, or even a battery issue. For box mods and variable voltage batteries, do not use too much power on smaller 510 oil cartridges or 510 atomizers for herbs. If you find that your oil cartridge will no longer function, you may have run too much power through the unit and inadvertently burned it out.

2. Sticky Mess

While this is much more common in wax vapes, cheap oil cartridges and cheap e-liquid atomizers can account for this issue, causing them to leak out, especially after some moderate usage. Always keep your unit upright to prevent oil from flowing back up into the mouthpiece. Oil tends to loosen up after being heated so always keep this in mind.

3. Burnt Taste

Usually, an issue exclusive to e-liquid users, powering on the atomizer without any e-liquid inside will likely burn the cotton wick, which will in turn ruin all future vape sessions in terms of flavor. You will need to change out the atomizer or coil if you have done this already, as once you burn this out, there is no other solution.

Common Box Mod Problems

The technology and ergonomic handheld design of box mods make them popular with users. In this regard, we have encountered some of the most common problems associated with these units. Box mods are commonly used for e-liquids and oils, though many of them are considered to be 3 in 1 vapes, which can utilize these materials, plus dry herbs. Here are the main issues associated with box mods:

1. Atomizer Will Not Work

Box mods are smart vape batteries, so when you try to push 30 watts into a dry herb atomizer that only needs 10, the mod will not fire, so check the watt output and turn it down if needed. Do not twist the atomizer super tight, only hand tight. If the atomizer has been used or if you powered too many watts through it, the unit may be dead.

2. Advanced Vape Battery

While not exactly a problem, the various functions such as variable watt control can be confusing to some users, so always make sure to check the manual and other sources if you do not know what to do. The last thing you want to do is burn out a new atomizer by doing the mistake mentioned above.

3. Burnt Taste

The same issue with liquid and oil vapes applies here, where too much power can inadvertently burn out the atomizer, which will require you to replace it with a new one. Once the atomizer burns out in this way, there is no going back. Despite how much power an atomizer can take, there is no way to mitigate this problem but by preventing it from happening in the first place.

Written By: Anthony E.

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