Are Dry Herb Vaporizers Worth It?

July 23, 2020

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High-quality dry herb vaporizers can be costly and you may be wondering if it is a worthwhile investment and how much you should spend on a dry herb vape. Dry herb vapes can be an excellent alternative to smoking dry herbs for many reasons. There is no doubt that dry herb vapes can be very convenient and many models are easy to use.

Most dry herb vaporizers have some type of temperature control which allows you to customize your experience. Some high-end vapes allow you to program complex vaping profiles that you can set up via a smartphone app for ultimate enjoyment of dry herbs. Additionally, vaping dry herbs is much more discreet than smoking. Vapor dissipates quickly and leaves behind almost no smell. It definitely will not leave any smell on your clothes or in your car. Many users switch to vaping because they believe it is healthier.

While there is some debate on this subject as there just has not been time for as much research on the long-term health effects of vaping, we know that using a convection dry herb vaporizer heats herbs to release a vapor below the burning point. This not only prevents combustion and smoke from forming, but the cooler vapor is easier on your lungs. However, critics argue because vapor is cooler, it allows you to inhale much more vapor than smoke without coughing. There still needs to be more research done, but vaping definitely feels better on your lungs than smoking. Here are the top five reasons why dry herb vaporizers are worth the investment.

1. Vaping Dry Herbs is Healthier Than Smoking Dry Herbs

Most dry herb vapes use convection to heat the herbs. These vaporizers heat the herbs to a high enough temperature to release a vapor without burning them. This process reduces the amount of carcinogens released. Vapor is also produced at a lower temperature than smoke making it easier to inhale without burning your throat and lungs.

Almost all convection dry herb vaporizers have temperature controls and most of them can be set to an individual degree in a wide range of temperatures. When first using a dry herb vaporizer, it is recommended to start at a low temperature and slowly raise the temperature until you reach the desired thickness of vapor. This varies based on personal preference but generally a lower temperature will release different compounds at a different rate than a higher temperature. Through trial and error, you can experience unique flavors and effects just by changing the temperature.

2. Dry Herb Vaporizers Are Portable And Easy To Use

While originally dry herb vaporizers were desktop units, today most dry herb vaporizers are handheld, battery-powered units and use high-powered lithium-ion batteries just like your smartphone. These batteries provide enough energy to power dry herb vapes to heat up to around 430° and get strong battery life. In general, the smaller the vape, the smaller the battery capacity. Many mid to high-end dry herb vaporizers, such as the E-CLIPSE, offer strong battery life in a compact vape.

3. Vaping Is Discreet And Smells Less Than Smoking Pipes

Since many dry herb vaporizers can be concealed in the palm of your hand, they can be used discreetly. Vaping creates a much different smell than smoking. It is less potent and does not have that smokey odor. The smell also dissipates much quicker than smoke and does not leave an odor on clothes.

4. Dry Herb Vaporizers Can Be Affordable

There is a wide range of dry herb vaporizers. They can range from around $20 to $400. Many low-end dry herb vaporizers use combustion rather than convection to heat the herbs, such as the AGO Vaporizer. While you can use glass screens to prevent the herbs from burning, the purpose of a combustion dry herb vape is to burn the herbs. It is basically like e-smoking. However, you can find quality mid-range dry herb vapes starting around $50.

The Titan 2 dry herb vaporizer is one of the best value convection vapes around. While it does not offer complex smartphone-controlled heat settings, it does everything you need in a dry herb vaporizer. The ceramic chamber is on the smaller side but it heats quickly and can be set to the desired temperature.

You can spend hundreds of dollars on top of the line dry herb vaporizers if you are looking for the newest vape technology. Top of the line dry herb vapes boast some of the fastest heat-up times and are made from the highest quality materials and are crafted to perfection. Some also offer smartphone apps that offer complex programming to maximize the quality of your vapor. While the technology in these vapes is impressive, many casual users do not want to drop hundreds on a vape.

You can find high-quality dry herb vaporizers in the $75-$100 range that produce flavorful, potent vapor in a compact handheld vape. The E-Clipse dry herb vaporizer is a great example. If this is still out of your budget, the Titan 1 and Titan 2 are more economical convection vapes.

5. Vaping Is Much Better For Indoor Use

While vaping is not allowed everywhere, it is generally accepted in much more places than smoking. Since the vapor dissipates almost instantly, vaping is much better for indoor use. You can take a pull off a dry herb vaporizer and the vapor and smell will dissipate in under a minute. In comparison, if you smoke inside, the smell will linger much longer.

Written By: Nate C.

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