Can You Put Vape Juice in a Dry Herb Vape?

July 16, 2020

Dry herb vape, grinder and water dropper

No - Dry Herb Vapes are Meant for Herbs ONLY

Vaporizers use hot air to turn plant matter into vapor without combustion. Instead, they utilize convection or conduction to heat materials. Vaporizers are seen as a healthier and more economic way to enjoy cannabis. With a dry herb vape, you can consume cannabis just about anywhere - at home or on the go. While these devices are amazing, they do have some limitations.

Dry herb vapes are portable vaporizer devices that are designed and calibrated for use with only dry herbs. These types of vapes have heat settings that work best with finely ground herbs that have been well cured. A dry herb vape will not properly vaporize materials that are not dried; this includes saturated herbs, sticky oils, and concentrates, as well as vape juice.

What happens if you put Vape Juice in a Dry Herb Vape?

Most dry herb vapes heat plant matter in a chamber. These chambers are specially designed for hot airflow and vapor creation. Using a liquid in one of these unique chambers leads to several issues. First, the liquid can clog the chamber, meaning air will no longer flow over the chamber and vapor will not be produced. Secondly, while the chamber is airtight, it does not have a waterproof seal. After the liquid has clogged the chamber, it will leak into the heating apparatus and then the battery. Once this happens, it is game over for your vape. The internal components will be damaged beyond repair, and you’ll have to replace the whole vaporizer.

Can I Drip Juice on Dry Herbs Inside the Vape?

Many people try dripping e-juice onto their herbs before vaping. You can probably get away with one or two drops with an adequate amount of herbs in your vape, however, it is not recommended. Any drops you add to your herbs will change its moisture content and consistency. This can cause your herbs to be vaped less than optimally or not at all! It is also easy to add too much juice, which will cause clogging and damage to your dry herb vape pen.

Exceptions to the Rule – Ways to Put Vape Juice in an Herb Vape

If you’re set on using vape juice, here are the best ways to do it:

  • You can find oil vape podsthat attach to some dry herb vapes. This affordable tank attachment will enable you to enjoy e-juices and oils without buying a new vape. Plus, they are incredibly easy to use. Just fill the tank and attach to the vape in place of the heating chamber.
  • Some vape pens include multiple attachments; like chambers, tanks and coils. If this is the case, you can use juice or oil in the attachment specifically for those materials.

More Reasons to Not use a Dry Herb Vape for Vape Juice

It is a fact that dry herb vapes work best with dry herbs and oil pens or e liquid vapes work best with vape juice or oils. Vapes that utilize one material are more efficient and produce the best results with their specific material. Combination vapes still work great, but they are not as finely calibrated as a single-material vape. Adding liquid to your herbs will make your sessions second-rate. Using juice in your dry herb vape can easily damage or destroy your vape pen, which is inconvenient and expensive.

Don’t risk ruining your dry herb vape with juices and oils! There are plenty of affordable vapes designed for the substance you have in mind. Check out Dark Side Vapes for a great selection of high-quality dry herb vape products. They offer devices that are designed for a wide variety of materials, so you’re sure to find the perfect vape pen. Having a vape for your exact needs is better for you and your budget in the long run!

Written By: Katy S.

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