How Can a Dry Herb Vaporizer Benefit Me

September 22, 2020

Man with vapor coming from mouth - title says Benefits of Vaping?

With the advent of innovative vaporization techniques within the last 21st century, methods have evolved concerning the use of dry herbs and their many consumable modalities.

Gone are the days when one could only hope for the best while using his or her conduction vape, which only heated the outermost portion of the holding chamber without thoroughly baking your dry herbs. Nowadays we have many choices when it comes to our preferred methods of vaporization.

From convection and combustion, to combination vapes, we will take an in-depth look at how any one of these varieties can benefit you, and why you want to own at least one of them. We will attempt to reveal the many why’s and how’s of owning any one of these units, and their many benefits.

Ideal for Those Suffering from Physical Ailments

It is no secret that the use of dry herb vaporization is paramount to many people’s road to recovery. Some are simply incapable of consuming their medicines in any other form, whether due to nausea or an inability to hold down liquids, dry herbs offer a more gentle approach to medicine without the use of combustion methods which results in smoke inhalation.

Vaporizing dry herbs is a much healthier alternative to smoking or otherwise consuming a medicine that would otherwise be intolerable to a person suffering from gastrointestinal issues for example.

Another viable use would be for those looking to manage pain, such as those suffering from arthritis, cancer, AIDS, inflammation, or any other disease which warrants the use of dry herb vaporization.

Perfect for Those Suffering from Emotional Ailments

While the advice given here can only be countered or verified by a medical professional we at darkside vapes understand that everyone goes through tough times. for others emotional issues are concern theoretically helped use of dry herb vaporization.>

Aside from what is currently happening in the world right now concerning COVID-19, which has translated to many people isolating in an effort to curb the spread of this novel disease, this approach alone has led to many preventable deaths attributed to depression and job loss, ultimately resulting in suicide.

The reality is that the use of dry herb vaporization can act to buffer or otherwise lessen the perception of impact regarding issues that are out of our hands. From a medical standpoint, the use of dry herbs has been prescribed and recommended by very prominent health professionals in the medical industry for emotional traumas and anxiety-related issues.

Are Dry Herb Vaporizers Really Better Than Smoking?

It will come as a pleasant surprise to many that vaporization is the preferred method of consuming dry herbs, not for its vapor production per se, but for its lack of negative effects concerning the lungs in comparison to smoke.

Even if one uses a filtration device such as a bong to cool down the smoke to consume their dry herbs, the fact remains that upon exhalation, most succumb to what is known as “coughing up a lung.”

This is due to the harsh nature of smoke, whereas dry herb vaporizers utilizing convection methods simply heat up the dry herbs within the chamber below the point of combustion in order to release delicate compounds that form vapor to deliver a therapeutic response in the user. It is our humble opinion that we declare dry herb vaporizers superior to any smoking method.

What Other Benefits Do Dry Herb Vapes Have?

The features are pronounced when one considers the difference between vaping and smoking, whereas vaping creates a much more streamlined and tailored approach to dry herbs, smoking is much messier and more conspicuous by comparison.

One of the main benefits to owning and using a dry herb vaporizer over any smoking device would be that a vape offers more in terms of simple portability, stealth, and user-friendly results. Vapes like the E-CLIPSE, Titan 1, and Titan 2 are prime examples of highly efficient, quality-made dry herb vaporizers that deliver a truly tailored experience by way of allowing full control to the user in customizing heat settings, and session duration.

Utilizing a convection method of vaporization, these vapes gently heat up the dry herb material and deliver heat throughout the dry herbs in order to thoroughly bake and release therapeutic compounds to the user without creating smoke. This also translates to a less noticeable smell.

What Types of People Use Dry Herb Vapes?

Surprisingly enough, not everyone who owns or uses dry herb vapes comes from a troubled or terminal background. In fact, the majority of users and consumers fall into a medical category which simply eases the symptoms they experience without being relegated to an uncertain future.

Many are former smokers who found dry herb vaporization and slowly transitioned into dedicated vapers, thus abandoning the more harmful and often deadly arena of smoke inhalation. Others are simply dry herb connoisseurs who favor the full flavor profile that dry herb vapes have to offer, while others still are somewhere in between.

People from all walks of life, various professional backgrounds, and prominent members of society either support, use, or otherwise endorse the use of these medical devices for personal use.

Are Dry Herb Vapes Affordable?

With such a variety in brands and models on the market, not only will you find a variety of options, but a variety of prices as well. The key here is to find one that is simple to use, highly efficient, and affordable.

Luckily, here at Darkside Vapes, we provide all three, and then some. The real question is can you afford to not to have a dry herb vaporizer? Instead of using an inferior vape or worse, resorting to smoking your dry herbs, it is worth the time and effort to do some research and view your potential purchase as an investment for your health, instead of a cost to your wallet.

Fortunately, dry herb vapes are not that expensive, and you will find exactly what you are looking for by browsing our selection of vapes, as all of them are capable of vaping dry herbs. It all just depends on what you want, and what appeals to you most. The price factor should not be your sole decision when considering what type of vaporizer to get.

Which One is Better for Me? Convection or Combustion?

In order to accurately gauge that question to fit your preferences, we must first look at the difference between the two. First off, convection is just a fancy way of saying that the method of vaporization utilizes hot air to go through your dry herbs and gently bake them at the temperature set on the unit, without igniting them.

Combustion on the other hand is when your dry herbs are ignited without the use of chemicals like butane, eliminating the need for a lighter. Vapes like the AGO Vaporizer are considered combustion vapes. An added benefit to this is not having to carry additional tools or supplies just to have a session.

These are categorized as vaporizers because they technically vaporize other materials such as wax and can utilize a glass screen to act more like a traditional vaporizer. These are great for people who smoke that are wanting to transition into the world of vaping. Unlike smoking, the AGO Vaporizer has the same features of stealth and portability, tailoring your sessions without compromising on efficiency.

Written By: Anthony E.

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