What is the Most Important Component in a Dry Herb Vape

October 19, 2020

Vape Parts Chamber and Mouthpiece and Dry Marijuana

Dry herb vaporizers are fairly straightforward and simple. By default, most of them have a fixed chamber that cannot be removed. The individual components that make up the whole of a dry herb vaporizer are each as important as the next.

Without them, they would not be able to thoroughly function with efficiency to deliver the best experience to the user. It goes without saying that every piece inside a vaporizer is crucial.

Depending on the model of dry herb vape you have, the main components of interest are the chamber and vape mouthpiece. Naturally, you will always want to ensure your battery life by keeping it charged after every session.

Other components that control the temperature are out of our direct influence outside of their settings. We will want to be focusing on areas we can actually control outside of a vape session.

The Importance of the Chamber

You will always want to ensure that no matter what model of Darkside vape you have (or any model for that matter), that you pack the chamber with moderation. This means that you will not want to under-fill the chamber, as this will cause the  herb to not vape correctly, and you will not want to overfill and pack it either.

This will impede the airflow within the unit and can encourage combustion, especially from a conduction style vaporizer that heats the outer chamber to vape the herb. The chamber itself should be clean after every session to prevent particle and residual buildup over time.

The brush that accompanies the vaporizer is meant to dislodge and loosen up debris that can potentially block the air path. One quick tip to remember is that a chamber can get incredibly hot, and depending on the brush material, you could actually melt to bristles if you directly apply it to the chamber immediately after a session.

Different Styles of Vape Chambers, Mouthpieces and a Vape

It is better to wait until the unit is thoroughly cooled down before attempting to clean it with the brush. Conversely, if you find that your bristles have already melted at the tips, this will make it much more difficult to get into corners and dislodge the particle debris.

The Mouthpiece

Probably the most important part of a dry herb vape aside from every other component that makes it function is the vape mouthpiece. With this accessory we have direct control over how we vaporize, and how we can maintain it outside of vape sessions.

This is the vape part that you will end up having to clean the most. This is the part that can utilize a rubber cover to mitigate the heat that might hit your lips after the vape stays hot for a period of time.

The mouthpiece of a dry herb vaporizer is usually detachable and can be cleaned thoroughly. This is especially important nowadays considering the pandemic situation and hygiene in general. Although sharing is not likely to be occurring at this time, it is still prudent to keep your mouthpiece clean and maintained to prevent any buildup and to ensure a clean and safe session for yourself every time.

The Vape Battery

Not as overlooked as the mouthpiece, this part of the vape is the one that encounters the most issues in terms of unit endurance and power. Over time if you do not properly charge your vape, you will find the power output to be significantly less efficient and your sessions can become very dull.

This will translate to less vapor, and inaccurate heating temperatures. Obviously without the battery, you have no working vape. It is worth mentioning nonetheless to emphasize the importance it plays in ensuring a good vape session.

Titan 2 Vape and Vape Battery

Dry herb vaporizers are portable. It would be highly advised to also consider carrying a portable battery charger to take your sessions on the go. Conversely, you can also have more than one vape available to you should you wish to not carry a portable battery charger and USB cable.

The vape battery itself is not switchable, nor is the chamber that houses it. No matter what you end up choosing, just know that your vaporizer can only function as well as its maintenance.

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