Saber Vape Wax Pen Review

May 22, 2018

Saber Vape Wax Pen Review

After a great inventor first discovered the process of converting dry herbs into a wax concentrate, we were left with only one real effective way of consuming it - a large, glass rig with a Domeless nail. While this method was certainly effective, it was far from portable. That was until the wax vaporizer made its way onto the market and changed the way we consume our wax.

The Saber pen addresses many of the issues that older style vapes had, such as wax sticking to the threads, or high temperatures ruining the taste of the vapor. The Saber is also small, about the size of a marker, making it a portable and discreet vaporizer. The variable wattage setting means you can fine tune your vaping experience to get consistently smooth and flavorful hits.

What Comes in the Saber Vape Pen Kit?

The Saber Vape Pen comes with everything you need to get vaping right out of the box. The box itself is black, with a green laser beam running across the front as part of the logo. Once you remove the pen from the packaging, it unmistakably looks reminiscent of a Star Wars lightsaber. It leaves us wondering if, in a galaxy far, far away, whether someone is taking dabs with an actual lightsaber? The kit includes:

  • Saber Vape Pen with Dual Quartz Rod Coil attached
  • One Extra Ceramic Donut Coil
  • Dabbing Tool
  • Magnetic USB Charger
  • User Manual

Why Buy the Saber Wax Pen?

There are a lot of things to consider when shopping for a wax vaporizer. You want to invest your money into something that works and fits your needs. After using the Saber pen for a while, I found it has several key benefits over other pens on the market.

  • Fully Magnetic Seals - no more wax sticking to the threads, making disassembly impossible
  • Auto-Heat Function - the pen automatically bakes the wax at a constant, low temperature for smooth, flavorful hits
  • Variable Voltage - change between different temperature ranges to find the perfect balance for any wax concentrate type.

One of the main features that sets the Saber apart from other wax vaporizers are its magnetic seals. On older vapes, you had to screw and unscrew the chamber to load and clear the wax. The problem with that is wax turns into a sticky liquid when it gets hot. This waxy liquid tends to make a mess, and a lot of times it gets into the vape’s threads. Once it re-hardens, it acts like a glue, causing the threads to stick together. This makes unscrewing the chamber near impossible sometimes.

By using magnetic seals, the Saber pen avoids this entire situation. Instead, you just pull the various pieces of the vape apart. I found the magnets to be more than strong enough to hold the vape together during regular use, but easy enough to pull apart when you need to charge it or load it with wax.

The next really standout feature is the Saber pen’s auto-heat function. We all know that vaporizers work by pressing a button that sends power to the coil. But, with the Saber’s auto-heat option, you just set it and forget it. The pen will heat the chamber on its own without needing to press anything. Better yet, the chamber can sense the heat and keep the temperature steady. As it does this, you can continuously vape without any worry about overheating. This is a great feature when it comes to vaping with friends.

The Saber Wax Pen also has the option of changing the volts. Though this sounds like standard vaping tech, variable voltage is still a relatively new convention with wax vaporizers. Many wax vapes on the market still do no have the option for variable voltage, which really makes the Saber Vape Pen stand out.

Without being able to control the volts, a wax pen will continually heat a coil. As the coil gets hotter and hotter, the vapor coming from the wax begins to get harsh and taste burned. Thankfully, with the Saber, you can now avoid this. You can choose from a high voltage to get the strongest hit, or from a lower voltage to get a smoother, lighter hit.

How to Use the Saber Wax Pen

Learning to use a new wax pen can seem like a daunting task, but using the Saber pen is a simple process. There is only one button on the device that controls everything, from turning it on, to changing the volts.

Charging the Vape Battery

The first thing you want to do with your Saber pen is make sure the battery is completely charged and ready to use. You can pull the pen apart from the battery and then attach it directly to the USB charger. You can plug the charger into a USB outlet on your computer or by using a wall adapter.

Powering The Vape Battery On and Off

To turn the Saber pen on, press the button five times. The LED circling the button and the one at the base of the battery will flash to let you know it is on. To power off the pen, perform the same five clicks and the LEDs will flash as it turns off.

Putting Wax on the Vape Coil

When you are ready to load the chamber with wax, pull off the Saber’s top mouth piece. Inside the chamber you will see two quartz rods wrapped with metal coils. You want to apply the wax directly to these coils. You can do so by using the included dabbing tool, or by dropping it in by hand.  But be gentle, very gentle.

Changing the Saber Vape Voltage Settings

In total, the Saber pen has three voltage settings. To change between these settings, you click the button three times fast. The LEDs will change color based on which setting the pen is on. Green indicates low heat (3.7 volts, 390F - 570F); blue indicates medium heat (3.9 volts, 570F - 750F); and red indicates high heat (4.2 volts, 750F - 895F).

Using The Saber Vape Auto-Heat Function

This function will automatically vaporize the wax for you at a constant heat. Before starting, set the pen at the voltage you want to vape with. Then, to start the auto-heat, click the button two times fast. The pen will continuously heat the chamber at just the right temperature for a total of 15 seconds.

Saber Vape Pen Tips

As with any new device, there are a lot of tricks you will learn about the Saber pen as you use it. During my own time using the Saber, I have learned a few things that could help anyone looking to get started with this vape.

Keep it Upright

This advice is true for pretty much every wax vaporizer. As you vaporize your wax, the heat turns it into a liquid. If you were to lay the Saber on it side, or turn it upside down, you risk this sticky liquid running off the coil and into the magnetic seals or up into the mouth piece. So, always try to keep it upright.

Try the Auto Heat Function for Superior Flavor

Wax is a fragile substance, and when it comes to getting the best flavor and vapor production, you want to use a steady temperature. The auto-heat function will operate at a constant temperature range so your vapor is full and flavorful without the risk of overdoing it and burning your wax.

Maintaining and Cleaning the Saber Vape Pen

In general, the Saber vape does not require much maintenance. So long as you keep the pen upright while using it, you should not have to deal with any rogue wax. However, accidents do happen. Thankfully the Saber has no threads, so if the wax does get into the seals, it is pretty easy to wipe away as you would any wax residue.

The Saber pen also has the option of replacing the coil and mouthpiece, should the need arise. Changing the coil chamber is simple. You can throw out the entire piece that houses the coil and chamber, as each new coil will have the same exact chamber housing. You can also order a replacement for the mouthpiece if it ever needs changing, which in my experience, should be very rarely.

Is the Saber Vape Pen for Me?

There are a lot of wax vaporizers on the market, from big to small and from high tech to low tech. Finding the one that will suit you can be a guessing game that leads to you investing in multiple devices while trying to find the best one. There are many reasons I believe the Saber Vape Pen is a great investment for anyone looking to buy a wax vape.

The Saber is small and discreet, and that makes it a very versatile vape pen. It is great for taking it on the go as it blends in completely with any style of vaporizer and no one will ever know what you are vaping. The auto-heat function is great for chilling and vaping, and makes sharing with friends easier than ever. I highly recommend the Saber pen to anyone looking for a high-quality wax vape. It is sure to hold up under day to day use and deliver consistent, flavorful puffs.

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