How To Increase Vapor Thickness in a Dry Herb Vape

October 15, 2020

Graphic of Man Vaping With Thick Clouds of Vapor

Most modern day vapes are known for producing heavy, thick monstrous clouds that can be seen from a distance. In fact, some of these clouds can be so thick that they actually resemble smoke!

To the naked eye, this can be hard to differentiate unless you are the one exhaling. The majority of these thick clouds are produced by box mod vapes. E-juice and oil are known for producing some of the biggest vape clouds.

Lady Vaping, E-Juice, Oil Cartridge Graphics

It is within the nature of these compounds that they release thick vapors upon exhalation. Much like smoke, they can be very thick and cloudy, resembling a white cloud.

The truth is that there is no smoke involved, and the clouds one can possibly get from a dry herb vape will not match those produced from one of these vapes. Nonetheless, there are ways to increase the output of your vapors to create thicker clouds.

What Kind of Vapors Do Dry Herb Vapes Produce?

Most vapor that comes out from a dry herb vape will be inherently light and wispy. In fact, upon exhalation you might not even see any vapor at all! This is a standard complaint for many vape enthusiasts who expect to see thick clouds come out from their mouths after taking a good hit.

Unlike pipes, bongs, and other smoking devices, people come to expect more from dry herb vapes because most transition from smoking to vaping and start out with this.

The truth is that dry herb vapor, as light as it is, can still produce the desired effects without hitting your lungs hard. The vapors produced by standard box mods and combustion vapes will always be more profound.

This is because settings from those vapes are also much more different than they are for dry herb vaporizers. Whether it is a portable vape or a box mod, dry herb vapor is just not as thick.

How to Get Thicker Clouds

Whether you are using an E-CLIPSE or one of our Titan vapes, you can definitely increase the thickness and volume of your vapors by simply increasing the temperature. Care must be taken considering the type of dry herbs you are using and how dry they actually are.

Caution is also advised since you will be vaping at higher temps which could in turn make for a rather hot sensation upon inhalation. This is normal and should be expected.

The vapor itself can be significantly thicker and slightly harsher. That is usually the trade-off for producing thicker clouds from a dry herb vaporizer. It does not matter what brand or model you use.

Pot Boiling Water Over Gas Burner, Flames Showing Combustion, and Tea Kettle Over Flames

If you vape dry herbs, this will be one of the only ways to increase vapor thickness and volume short of combustion. Other vapes such as AGO vape are a different story. This ignites the dry herb instead of vaporizing it.

However, it should be noted that this type of vape can also vaporize provided there is a glass screen. A hybridized version that is perfect for smokers transitioning into the vape scene, this type of vape can actually produce the clouds you seek while easing into the vape world.

Other Considerations for Producing Thicker Clouds

One of the most overlooked aspects of having a dry herb vape that is capable of producing good clouds is having a fully charged unit. It could be a very good idea to even charge it after every session just to ensure you have a full battery that is capable of producing the output on your temperature preferences.

Another great thing to consider is whether or not your vapor path could be impeded by a dirty chamber. Any restrictions to the flow of the vapor itself will significantly decrease the volume produced. This can be easily mitigated by simply cleaning out your vape.

Image Showing Dirty Vape Chamber and Fingers Cleaning Vape Chamber with Q-Tip

There is usually a brush that accompanies most dry herb vapes. Use it after every session to clean out the chamber and release any debris that could remain. This will reduce the chances of having residues build up over time that can clog your vapor path and stop the production of vapor clouds.

Another aspect to consider is the material itself. While focus should remain on the unit, always makes sure you start out with good quality herbs that are not damp or overly dried.

Written by:  Anthony Endlich

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