How To Charge A Dry Herb Vape On The Go

October 14, 2020

Three Types of Chargers for Vapes and Graphic for Battery

One of the best ways to use a portable dry herb vaporizer is when it is fully charged. The problem is, once you leave the house, you are on your own. If you happen to be out all day using your vape, it will not be long before you find yourself with a dead battery.

There are a few solutions that can mitigate this problem depending on the type of vape you have. Whether you prefer the E-CLIPSE, Titan 1 or Titan 2, there are ways to ensure you always have a full battery no matter how long you stay out.

We will be looking at a few cost-effective methods that can save you time and money over the long haul, as well as having the option of traveling with more than one vaporizer.

Charging Within a Building

If you are planning on going out with just one vape pen, make sure you take the charging cable with you. If you happen to take a few puffs along the way, you can always stop inside for a cup of coffee or even your local library and find a wall outlet.

Graphics of Different Buildings and Chargers and People Vaping

There you can give your vape a quick 5 minute charge before you head out again. There are many locations that are friendly enough to let you use their wall outlet without worry or hassle.

Given the nature of dry herb vaporizers and their commonplace appearance, they will not smell or raise any eyebrows. This is just one method of charging your vapes on the go.

Charging with More Than One Battery Pack

There are many portable battery packs out there that can accommodate a USB cable for charging cell phones and other compatible devices. Most dry herb charging cables are USB friendly and use this type of charging port.

The battery packs can be carried inside a purse or pocket and you can literally be charging your vape as you walk and vape at the same time. This is ideal for heavy users that are on the go and do not have time to stop by an establishment just to recharge their vapes.

The battery packs themselves come in different sizes, so make sure to shop around and get one powerful enough to keep up with your vape’s needs. It is also advisable to go with more than one battery pack if you plan to stay out for extended periods of time.

Carrying More Than One Vape

For any occasion that may come up, you might also want to consider carrying more than one vape at a time. The good part about this is that you can carry more than one type of dry herb vape depending on your needs.

If one dies out, you can quickly switch to another vape or go for a session that calls for specific functions. Some people might prefer a quick stealthy hit in which case you could have a vape like the E-CLIPSE ready to go.

E-Clipse, Charger, Hand Holding AGO Vape

Others might prefer to have a longer session and go for a smoke hybrid like the AGO. No matter what type of vape you happen to have, carrying more than one to suit your needs is ideal for those who are heavy users and do not wish to carry around a charger, or who cannot carry one.

Conversely, if one finds himself carrying a charger without a place to charge his vape, then carrying more than one would then be most ideal. Either way it would be a good idea to always have more than one just in case the other malfunctions or is involved in an accident somehow.

Carrying Multiple Vape Batteries

While most dry herb vapes are fixed units without detachable atomizers, you might find yourself with a model that does in fact have a removable chamber. 3-in-1 vapes can do the same thing and carrying more than one battery for your vape can be as simple as switching it out without compromising what is in the chamber.

This would be most ideal for those who also do not wish to carry around cords or stop somewhere to recharge their units. In the context of what we offer here at Darkside, we can advise that you simply carry either more than one vape, or a portable battery charger and USB cable.

This would mitigate most issues encountered with a low or faulty battery situation. Just in case you find yourself with a battery and charger with a low vape, carrying around an extra vape would be the wisest choice.

Written by:  Anthony Endlich

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