How Stealthy Are Vaporizers

September 01, 2020

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When walking in open territory on a public sidewalk, you will eventually get a whiff of someone burning tobacco, effectively known as smoking a cigarette. It is no secret that someone is burning something and taking a few puffs.

Naturally, we are used to this in society and nobody thinks twice or bothers to look for the individual. However, because we are so used to this, any deviance to the familiarity will immediately raise a red flag in our brains, and we will begin looking for the source of what is burning.

Dry herb smoke is highly noticeable and refined, arguably more so than tobacco smoke. This is due to the complex profile of the dry herb itself. Here we will look at ways to maintain secrecy while using our dry herbs.

How to Use Dry Herbs Without Being Noticed

The very first thing you want to consider if you have not already, is to get a hold of a dry herb vaporizer. Without one, you will be left with many tools, and many ways to get noticed. Vaporizers eliminate the need for external tools such as lighters and eliminate the permeability of smoke, reducing your chances of getting noticed.

The good news here is that dry herb vapes are naturally designed to be stealthy and not stick out or produce smoke signals. By simply planning ahead of time, you will have a fully charged and loaded dry herb vape that is ready to go whenever you are.

By simply setting a temperature and briefly waiting for it to reach that temperature, you will be able to drop it into your pocket without burning yourself. The best part is during the exhalation, as no smoke is produced, and the vapors are virtually invisible being light and wispy.

Do Vapors Smell?

Unlike smoke which seeps into everything and lingers for a long time, dry herb vapor is very light and airy. Unless you were to blow the vapor directly into someone’s face, the smell will not linger, and is not as noticeable the way smoke is, having a certain smell.

Dry herb vapor is distinctive in its light aroma and will not stick to your clothes or furniture the way smoke would. An added plus is that dry herb vapor will not tend to make your breath smell bad the way smoke always does, which is a big benefit.

Vapor does not travel long distances the way smoke does and will not send out signals to others which would reveal your activities. A simple push of a button and a drop in the pocket is all it takes as you exhale a wispy breath and watch as it dissipates into the air.

How Small Are Dry Herb Vaporizers?

In terms of concealability, most portable dry herb vaporizers on the market are designed to allow the user to take quick hits in succession without drawing much attention. Being modeled as handheld devices that are ergonomically sound makes using one convenient enough to palm in your hand without lighting anything, and just as quickly putting it back in your pocket without alerting anyone.

The light wispy nature of dry herb vapor further accentuates the stealthy nature of the dry herb vaporizer. While some on the market can be rather large and bulky, others like the Titan 1 and Titan 2 are specifically made to compound the feature of stealth.

You will typically find these types of vapes as the go-to preference for many users who favor stealth and portability without sacrificing on quality or efficiency. This is paramount when considering what type of dry herb vaporizer to invest in if stealth is your main concern.

What Else Can I do to Further My Privacy During a Session?

The truth is that vaping can be quite the social activity though reality one would better off keeping this to themselves in long run for many reasons. of those reasons privacy.

It is nobody’s business what you do with your time, or what you intend to do with a vaporizer. In the long run it will cost you more money to share your dry herbs and risk possibly acquiring or passing a social illness the more you share your vape.

One of the best tips on maintaining your privacy during a vape session is to take quick hits instead of having a full-on session. Essentially just a “hit it and quit it” type of approach to minimize the chance of being noticed and either questioned or petitioned to share.

Written By: Anthony E.

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