How Can I Prevent Coughing While I Vape

October 16, 2020

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No matter what model of Darkside vape you happen to have, and no matter what other brand of vape you have ever tried, chances are you have “coughed up a lung” during the exhalation.

This is a normal reaction to having a “foreign” substance in the lungs. Although it is considered to be no more than a minor nuisance, there are ways to overcome this issue with a few simple methods.

The truth is that the act of coughing can be due to many reasons not associated with the vapor per se, though these are issues to consider before blaming a cough on the dry herb vaping experience. Let us take a closer look at one of the most common reasons why people cough during a session.

High Temperatures

It is safe to say that the majority of vape sessions will be done alone these days due to the pandemic, which gives you more control over vaping temperatures. Still, some prefer their sessions on the hotter side to provide more vapor.

This is because dry herbs do not inherently produce thick vapors like you see in box mods and other types of vapes. The higher the temps, the more vapor a dry herb unit will produce. This higher temperature is the main cause of a coughing session.

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The harshness that can accompany hot vapor can be enough to trigger a tickle in your throat to start producing a cough. The cough happens to lubricate the throat and expel any irritants trying to make their way to the lungs. It is a subconscious reaction that happens automatically.

The way to defeat this is to simply acknowledge that thick vapors are just not part of a dry herb vape session and lowering it to a more suitable temp will reduce the likelihood of having a coughing fit.

Inhalation Technique

Many users find that if they were to inhale from a dry herb vape the same way they would if they were smoking a cigarette, they would more than likely end up coughing. When someone pulls in the vapor into their mouth and holds it there before inhalation, just like a cigarette smoker, the reaction is to immediately start coughing.

Whether established through habit or just taking in too much vapor all at once, coughing is likely to be the end result. As soon as it hits the throat, the first thing your body is accustomed to is to cough. In order to mitigate this, you would simply have to inhale directly into your lungs versus holding it in your mouth.

This will acclimate you to a new method that does not hold a memory in your body to start coughing after inhalation. While this may also cause you to start coughing initially, your body will eventually become accustomed to it and reduce the chances and duration of your cough sessions.


While the majority of coughing causes are due to the user, the vape itself will seldom cause one to cough aside from either having a dirty vapor path or a really high temperature.

One of the leading causes of having a coughing spell is simply due to dehydration. This is an overlooked factor when determining the cause of having a coughing fit. By hydrating yourself prior to a session, you can minimize the likelihood of coughing and lubricate your throat.

Hand Holding a Glass Pitcher, Pouring Water into Glass

Aside from being a good habit within itself, drinking water will also reduce the feeling of being “dried out,” which includes the dreaded cotton mouth that smokers know all too well. Most coughing reasons can be remedied by adopting the advice on this page. It is a very common effect with a very simple solution.

Coughing Is Only a Temporary Side Effect

New vapers just coming from the world of smoking comprise the majority of users who experience the coughing phenomenon while vaping. It is no secret that smoke in the lungs can do damage to the cilia, and regrowth of those cells will also cause the user to cough if exposed to vapor.

The dry herb vapor itself is rather benign and can actually be used to further reduce the effects of coughing, depending on what it is you are vaping. Over time your body will become adjusted to the vapor if you follow this guideline and not vape at high temperatures, not inhale as if you were smoking a cigarette, and not vaping if you are dehydrated.

Man and Woman Coughing

Always remember to keep your vape clean prior to every use to prevent impeding the air path. This can also cause you to cough if you are trying too hard to suck in air. After a while you will notice the difference in how easy and stress-free your sessions can become.

Written by:  Anthony Endlich

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