What is a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

August 06, 2020

Vaporizer with dried marijuana

One of the most popular vaping modalities is the dry herb vaping style, perfect for beginners and seasoned pros alike who are looking to get the most from their favorite whole dry herbs. Full flavor profiles are the hallmark of every dry herb vape, with Darkside Vapes making the most of your herbal vaping sessions!

Dry herb vaporizers are a unique way of consuming your material, instead of burning up your herbs and creating smoke. These portable vapes use an oven-like chamber to bake the goodness right off your herbs. Some people choose this method over traditional smoking, as it releases fewer toxins, while others choose them because they are more discreet and portable.

Here we can take a much closer look at some of the most well-known and popular go-to dry herb vaporizers from Darkside Vapes, to see what makes them so coveted by users around the world. We will break down exactly what a dry herb vaporizer is, and what it can do for you.

What Is A Dry Herb Vaporizer?

A vaporizer is simply an electronic device that is used to heat up either dry herbs or some other material like oil or wax. A dry herb vaporizer on the other hand is a device that specializes only in the vaporization of dry herb material, with the exception being 3 in 1 vapes capable of also handling concentrates.

Vaporizers come in all different shapes and sizes, with their designs and functional abilities being the defining factor in choosing one that is right for your needs. Different models will boast different attributes and capabilities, though the most important feature to pay attention to is whether you are dealing with a convection style of vaporizer, or a combustion style of vaporizer.

Convection vapes are the healthier vape option as they do not actually combust or burn up your dry herbs, whereas a combustion vape is designed to do just that. Convection vapes utilize heat to gently bake through your material into releasing the various compounds from the herb. 

What Is A Convection Vaporizer?

Convection vapes like the Titan 2 and the E-CLIPSE offer a much healthier way to consume your dry herbs instead of being in direct contact with a flame or hot coil. With convection, dry herbs are heated by the flow of hot air inside of a heating chamber, either metal or ceramic, which gently bakes the material until vaporization occurs, and offers the user an alternative to traditional smoking methods.

As the air heats up, terpenes and other flavor profiles gather and form a vapor that travels up through the mouthpiece as you draw in a hit. The vapor is much lighter than smoke and will dissipate rather quickly in comparison to smoke. Vapor will not smell nearly as much and it certainly does not stick around like smoke does, making this a much more convenient way to consume dry herbs indoors.

The higher the temperature, the thicker the vapor, and so it is always advisable to start at the lowest setting and work your way up to dial in the right temperature suitable for your needs. Convection is the way to go if you want to vaporize your material without burning it, which will also make your sessions last longer.

What Is A Combustion Vaporizer?

With combustion style vaporizers, like the Darkside AGO Vaporizer, you are essentially burning your dry herbs without the use of a lighter. In a combustion vape, the herbs inside the heating chamber are directly exposed to a heating coil that will get hot and essentially burn the material. This method is preferable for those who wish to take a more natural approach to smoking and makes for a great transition into the world of vaporization.

This process is preferred by many users, although the truth of the matter remains that smoking is not as healthy as a convection style vaporizer. In addition, you will have the same smoke clouds as you would with any other method of smoking, though it will be much more discreet than a pipe and definitely more discreet than other methods that utilize rolling papers.

Another upside to a combustion vape is the convenience of merely pressing a button which will deliver the experience you want regardless of whether you are indoors or out on a windy day. Combustion vapes are ideal for anyone wanting to explore the realm of vaporization without committing to the modality.

Benefits of Using a Vaporizer for Dry Herbs

The benefits of using a dry herb vaporizer are many, though they pale in comparison to desktop vaporizers which have only one main upside, which is the ability to deliver more power without the use of a battery. Despite this, people prefer the convenience that a portable vape pen can offer and using one for your dry herb consumption is ideal for the vast majority of users.

Desktop vapes tend to excel in terms of endurance, with sessions capable of lasting as long as a user desires, whereas a portable vape will only last until the battery runs out. While the difference might be night and day, there are some clear benefits to using a portable vape that a desktop vape will never be able to do.

One last thing that should be noted is that desktop vapes are more ideal for users who favor a strong medicinal experience or for those looking to have the majority of their vape sessions within the confines and privacy of their own home. Here are the main benefits of using a dry herb vape pen:

1. Dry Herb Vaporizers Are Better for Your Health

When compared to traditional smoking methods, vaporization shines through as a much healthier alternative to smoking in that it produces very little carcinogenic particles. Smoking turns herbs into ashes and along the way as they burn, these carcinogens will be produced that otherwise could be avoided by simply using a vaporizer.

Convection vapes like the Titan 2 and E-CLIPSE will bake dry herbs with hot air, slowly lifting their aroma and gradually turning them into brown used up product, without the ashes. This leaves behind the majority of all the bad stuff that would otherwise end up in your lungs had you decided to smoke it instead.

2. Dry Herb Vaporizers Are Discreet

In comparison to desktop or combustion vaporizers, convection vape pens are much more discreet than even those vape pens on the market designed for concentrates, since the vapors off a dry herb pen are much more lighter and wispy by comparison. Smoke will always give the user away and stays around for much longer which can penetrate clothes, furniture, and other household items.

Vapor on the other hand dissipates rather quickly and will not linger around for others to smell, unless of course you happen to blow the vapor directly in someone’s face. Using a lighter with a glass pipe is fairly obvious, but a convection vaporizer that can disappear in your hand can be used without anyone noticing.

3. Dry Herb Vaporizers Are Easy To Use

Whether your choice of dry herb vaporizer happens to come in the form of a convection or combustion vape, the truth is that they are incredibly easy to use. Once the unit is packed, simply sit back and enjoy your session by clicking a button or two.

No need for a lighter, no worries about wind or wet conditions, and you can keep moving if you choose while enjoying the experience that a vaporizer has to offer. From the time you pull out your unit, to the time you take your first draw can all be done in less than 2 minutes.

How to Maintain a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

Our line of Darkside Vaporizers will not need much maintenance in terms of cleaning. However, it is highly advisable to maintain the integrity of the unit by simply brushing off any crumbled or residual particles that remain after your session is over. This will reduce buildup over time and will make your unit last much longer.

The typical heating chamber of any vape pen is either made of metal or ceramic, but in either case, when finished with a vape session just make sure to empty the chamber of all its contents after it has been fully vaped. If you have any leftover material in there that has not been vaped fully, you should still empty it out and store it for later use. Do not leave anything left inside of the chamber.

Some users like to swab the inside of the chamber with a q-tip dipped in some rubbing alcohol to clean it, but it is not necessary at all unless you have a significant amount of buildup. The outside of the vape can be wiped down after every session to keep it clean. Under no circumstances should you ever submerge or expose any vaporizer to water, as these are electronic devices that will be destroyed by doing so.

Extra Care and Cleaning Advice

The main part that will likely need cleaning is the mouthpiece and filter screen. Eventually it may be difficult to pull vapor through the mouthpiece and this is likely from an accumulation of particles on the filter screen. Over time as vapor travels up through the screen and vape mouthpiece, residue builds and can create a sticky environment where left over dry herb particles can stick.

The typical mouthpiece and screen can be soaked in hot water, alcohol, or a type of 420 cleaning solution to get them clean. You can also purchase replacements for just about any vape model we offer here on Darkside Vapes. Always remember to keep your units stored away from heat or extreme temperatures, and never leave them in direct sunlight. If you ever encounter a problem with one of our units, simply let us know how we can help. Happy vaping!

Written By: Anthony E.

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