How to Maximize Vapor in a Dry Herb Vaporizer

June 29, 2020

Hand holding vaporizer with smoke

When it comes to getting the most out of your vaporizer, we know that having the right tools for the job is paramount to having the best experience possible in a vape session. Here at Darkside Vapes, we understand the ins and outs of what sets us apart from other brands. Having a vaporizer that can accommodate your own tastes and preferences while delivering the strongest hits is what we are all about.

Here we will be exploring how to maximize both vapors and airflow in a dry herb vaporizer. Knowing these essentials will not only provide you with knowledge you may not have known before but will also fill you in with experience from those who have been vaping for a very, very long time.

How Does a Dry Herb Vaporizer Get Clogged?

To maximize vapor or airflow, it is crucial to understand what makes this a problem in the first place in a dry herb vaporizer. These types of vapes are unique in that they are unable to rid particles inside their chambers by simply heating them up the way you can with wax or oil vapes, to clear them out.

Over time, particles will build up and impede the airflow causing hits to be noticeably smaller and less pronounced. Despite how dry they get from being vaporized, these smaller particles can stick and accumulate, causing the vape to clog up like a traditional combustion vape like the AGO Vaporizer.

Understanding Airflow and Vapor Production

When considering the mechanics of a dry herb vaporizer, both features are equally important in terms of functionality. Dry herb vapes are notorious for not being able to produce the enormous vape clouds that wax and oil vapes have been known for. This is especially true given the nature of dry herbs in comparison to concentrates.

Because dry herbs tend to shrink, crumble, and accumulate in a chamber over time, this can impede the flow of air and further hinder the production of vapor. The cleaner your chamber, and the better ground up your dry herbs are, the more likely you are to have both a solid production of vapor and the proper airflow.

How to Maximize Dry Herb Vapor Production?

In order to get the most vapor production out of your dry herb vaporizer, you will first want to ensure the chamber is fully packed with well ground herbs for maximum surface area, and gradually increase the heating temperature to the highest setting that is comfortable to you.

Be aware that this will be the hottest for your lips over time unless you have a mouthpiece cover, and will also provide the harshest vapor, though this can come to be what you are looking for depending on your preferences. Smokers will find this to be an ideal starting point. As previously stated, having a clean chamber will also ensure you have the proper airflow to allow for maximum vapor production.

Understanding Combustion Vapes and Convection Vaporizers

Combustion vapes are essentially a technologically advanced way to smoke, as a hot coil gently burns the dry herbs much like a lighter would, though without the harsh chemicals to create smoke. Combustion vapes like the AGO Vaporizer can also be enhanced with a glass screen to create more vapor and less smoke.

Convection vapes like the E-CLIPSE Vaporizer on the other hand, gently bake the herbs to the desired temperature setting and never actually burn the material to create vapor. While this method takes longer to form vapors that are not as thick, one can be assured that smoke never enters the equation as part of the vaping process. Vapes like the Titan 2 excel quite well in this area as portable dry herb vapes.

Desktop Vaporizer Airflow vs Portable Vape Airflow

While both options are great in terms of airflow capabilities, desktops vapes are usually much bigger and allow for even more airflow to cover a wider surface area. This in turn can produce vapor that is comparable to some concentrate vapes on the market. While desktop vaporizers are more powerful and less prone to clogging, the issue of portability makes them quite inconvenient for the average on-the-go user.

This can be slightly mitigated by utilizing the semi-portable option of having an inflatable balloon that can be filled with vapor from the unit. Portable vapes on the other hand are stellar when it comes to the convenience of being able to have a vape session without all the extras.

The Importance of an Herb Grinder, Especially for Convection Vapes

Combustion vapes are great for burning your material for smoking, whether it is thoroughly ground up from a good grinder or not, though it is better to have them go through a grinder first. Convection vapes on the other hand absolutely require the use of a high-quality grinder to ensure the integrity of your vape session. Having your dry herb material properly chopped & minced will provide the proper airflow through your material without baking it unevenly.

Grinding up dry herbs by hand for a convection vape is not recommended as this can create the problem of not having the proper airflow going through your material due to having different sized chunks of dry herbs throughout the chamber. It is also advisable to use a grinder for even your combustion vapes, as this will only enhance your experience with that vape. 

Vapor Production From Temperature Control Vapes

Vapor production is directly dependent upon the specific temperature within the chamber. Having direct control over this function will allow you to dial in and tailor your experience to fit your own personal tastes & preferences. The more control over your experience, the better your session will be.

While vapes like the AGO Vaporizer have simplified the heating process by offering a fixed temperature with a push of a button, other vapes like the E-CLIPSE Vaporizer give full control to the user to create a customized experience. When it comes to which vape is better over another, the choice will ultimately come down to a matter of personal preference, as all vapes from Darkside are some of the best models in the industry.

How to Increase Airflow in a Dry Herb Vaporizer

In order to achieve maximum airflow within your vaporizer, you must first make sure that you have followed the tips from above, as a properly packed dry herb chamber is the start of having a proper vapor flow throughout your unit. Airflow is based upon having your dry herbs finely ground up and not overly packed within the chamber, though ultimately, airflow can be hindered by way of having the vapor pathway becoming clogged through a lack of regular maintenance.

Depending on the vape you have, this will determine the exact method of executing the proper maintenance routine, though you will want to also maintain the vapor pathway by ensuring you have done your part by grinding up your dry herbs the right way.

Most Common Vapor Clog Point

In most dry herb vapes, the typical clogging point where most vapors can get held up along the pathway is at the mouthpiece and filter screen. Regular use of your vape will accumulate dry herb particles over time which will build up and impede the flow of air, especially along the narrowing of the unit at the mouthpiece and filter screen.

This bottleneck area is of special interest when it comes to cleaning out your vape, since this is where most of the problem is likely to occur outside of the filter screen. Simply brushing away these areas will vastly improve your next session by ridding your vape of the particles and residues that create the problem.

How to Clean a Mouthpiece and Vape Screen?

Mouthpieces are incredibly easy to clean, as they can be submerged in rubbing alcohol or wiped depending on the severity of the buildup. Brushing the mouthpiece and wiping it down after every use will reduce the likelihood of having an extended cleaning session. Filter screens can also be wiped down or soaked depending on how dirty they are. Most dry herb vaporizers come with a cleaning brush which can simplify the process and make the job much quicker and easier.

By having these two crucial components always cleaned, you will always be ready to have your next vape session without the hassle of having to clean out the unit beforehand. Another tip to keep in mind is that the warmer the better, as this can make residues rub off much more efficiently than if they were subjected to a cold climate.

Where to Buy a Replacement Mouthpiece and Vape Screen?

While most of these items and their accessories can be found at any reputable head or vape shop, current events have greatly stifled this option. The convenience of being able to shop in the comfort of your own home is a great option for those who want to be able to take their time and look around and make a few comparisons.

Here at Darkside Vapes, we know that having everything you need for your unit is essential to having a great vape session. Therefore, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction and will do our best to maintain this reputation by offering our guidance and expertise when it comes to getting the most out of your vaporizing experience!

Written By: Anthony Endlich

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